Trudeau Plots To Rip Part Of National Energy Board From Calgary

Before he became Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau made his contempt for the West, and Alberta in particular very clear.

Trudeau said Canada was better served when there were more Quebecers than Albertans in power, and said Canada wasn’t doing well because “Albertans were in control.”

Take a moment to review those horrible comments in the video below:

Trudeau’s anti-western, anti Alberta agenda has already influenced his policies, as he is pushing a carbon tax and regulations that damage the energy industry, and has openly mused about “shutting down” the oil sands.

Notice how he has no problem thinking of the oil sands shutting down, but he gave millions in our money to Bombardier – even after they gave the middle finger to Canadians by gifting themselves giant bonuses.

Now, Trudeau is taking yet another anti-Alberta step.

A panel appointed by Justin Trudeau has recommended stripping part of the National Energy Board out of Calgary, and moving it to Ottawa. And as we can imagine, a Trudeau appointed panel wouldn’t be coming to conclusions Trudeau didn’t want in the first place.

Appointing an “independent” panel is one of the oldest tricks in the book to implement a policy without taking true responsibility.

If approved by Trudeau, this decision to betray Calgary and concentrate even more power in our bloated political capital is a clear expression of Trudeau’s contempt for everything in the West.

It’s also shockingly hypocritical.

As columnist Chris Varcoe wrote in a great article, Federal cabinet ministers said this month that Ottawa would locate the new Canada Infrastructure Bank in Toronto so it could be closer to the “right expertise” on Bay Street. Now, a new report for the federal government on modernizing the National Energy Board suggests part of the agency relocate out of Calgary precisely because it’s perceived as being too close to the industry it oversees.”

Adds Varcoe, the report says“parts of the NEB need to relocate to the nation’s capital, including the office of the board of directors and part of the regulator’s office that oversees co-ordination with the government.”

Trudeau’s centralization of power disturbing many Canadians

The longer that Justin Trudeau has been in power, the more we have seen him concentrate power in Ottawa. He has forced a carbon tax upon the whole country, increased taxes, and expanded Ottawa’s regulatory influence.

All of this has come at the expense of individual & economic freedom, and has degraded the decision-making authority of provinces.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that this has also made Trudeau more powerful.

However, he hasn’t been taking power equally: In fact, we’ve seen him give more power to Ottawa bureaucrats and the elites on Bay Street.

As always, it’s Westerners and Canadian workers and middle class people across the country are being betrayed.

National Energy Board must stay in Calgary

Canada must do more to support our energy industry.

Having the NEB located in Canada’s largest oil-producing province is simply a no-brainer.

If Trudeau has even a shred of sense he’ll leave things as they are.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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David Martin

As usual what you write is intended to mislead. Trudeau did not ” give” Bombardier ” millions” we “loaned”” it to BBD. Harper did the same.
What part of phasing out reliance on oil usage do you not understand?
Why do you not acknowledge the continued billions in subsidies paid to big oil in Canada for years?
By what objective evidence does Canada need to do more for energy

Bruce Miller

Canada’s astounding energy mess amidst such remarkable bounty! We are so arrogant, so rich, we can afford to pander to Uber Rich Old Stock Liberal/Conservative ‘Backroom Boys’ and their shareholdngs in shipping Saudi Oil to Montreal. Even the East Coast Billionaire’s ride on the Canadian Voter’s wages and retail Saudi oil to Canadians while Western Canadians seek expensive technologies to move Canadian Oil off shore or to the USA? As we speak, Eastern Canadian closes very costly Hydro endeavors and even gives away electricity to competing American manufacturers, and due to healthy “under the table” ransoms, Liberals and conservatives “Play… Read more »


Hemp can help bring equality and sustainability in Canada. Your points are very real.


I just wish we could turn the clock back 3 yrs.