GOOD NEWS: United Conservative Party Has The Socialists Running Scared

UCP hastens end of NDP

The socialists in Alberta are running scared.

The announcement of a new centre-right party – the United Conservative Party – puts the NDP at risk of not only losing, but being nearly wiped out.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and PC Leader Jason Kenney made the unity announcement Thursday. 75% of Wildrose members will have to approve the deal, and 50%+1 of PC members must vote in favour. They plan to have a new leader in place by October 28, 2017.

Both Jean and Kenney put forward a hopeful message:

“If approved by the membership, it would set us on a path to regain control of our province for now and for future generations,” said Jean.

“Hope is on the horizon,” Kenney said. “We are not seeking to impose an agreement but rather propose a way forward.”

With the unity announcement, the NDP is now fighting for survival:

An April 28 poll by Mainstreet Research put the Wildrose Party at 38%, the PCs at 29%, and the NDP in third at just 23%. Only in Edmonton did the NDP support (43%), come even close to the combined Wildrose-PC result (47%).

Province-wide, the NDP’s 23% support level was dwarfed by the combined 67% commanded by the two centre-right parties. As a result, even if the Wildrose and PCs failed to consolidate all of their support into the new party, they would still have a massive lead.

The NDP could never let go of their big-government ideology

There was a time when the Alberta NDP had a chance to change perceptions of their party. They came to power after a surprising victory, and could have shown fiscal discipline and an inclination to support the free market. Instead, they increased taxes, strangled the economy with regulations, and massively increased the debt and deficit. And for all their talk about “social license,” they have struggled to manage the pipeline relationship with British Columbia or radical environmentalists, and their carbon tax has hurt an already damaged Alberta economy.

The NDP was too locked in to their socialist, big-government way of thinking, and as a result they have turned the vast majority of Albertans against them.

Outside Alberta, the rest of Canada has suffered as well. When Alberta’s economic engine is going strong, all Canadians benefit. But with the NDP in power, the struggles of an oil-price downturn have been made infinitely worse, and generations will pay the price for the massive debt run-up by the Notley NDP.

NDP reverts to desperate talking points

In the wake of the United Conservative Party announcement, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley trotted out the usual NDP talking points. Notley said she was focused on getting Alberta through the economic downturn (which her policies made much worse), and accused the new UCP of planning huge cuts to fund tax breaks for the top one per cent.

Said Notley, “I’m happy to have that debate with one right-wing party or 10 right-wing parties. It doesn’t really matter. I’m confident that our choice to stand with Albertans is the right one.”

The polls would seem to disagree on that.

Of course, Notley is simply repeating the usual NDP spin. The socialist elites in the NDP don’t seem to realize that they are often the 1% they claim to oppose.

Highly paid government bureaucrats and politicians have a level of job security and benefits that most people can only dream of. And they don’t get that money through voluntary choices in the free market, they get it from coerced payments through taxes. So, when the NDP tries to pretend they’re looking out for taxpayers, it’s total BS.

Plus, the NDP loves to massively increase spending to unsustainable levels and then attack anyone who proposes even the smallest reductions, or even plans to reduce the rate of increase in spending. They create the mess, then attack others for cleaning it up.

End of the NDP is near

The latest an Alberta election can be held is in spring of 2019. Going up against a United Conservative Party, the NDP is almost certainly nearing the end of their time in power. They have tried to take an entrepreneurial, free-market province and turn it into a big-government socialist state. The polls make it clear Albertans reject that agenda, and the speed at which the Wildrose and PCs have set aside their differences to stop the NDP shows the overwhelming desire to see the socialists decisively defeated.

Alberta, and all of Canada, will be far better off with the NDP out of power.

WATCH: United Conservative Party announcement with Brian Jean and Jason Kenney

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Jason Kenney)


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