Gutless Trudeau Government Sacrificing Air Force For Bombardier

“Review” of Boeing contract shows Trudeau government puts politics ahead of security

It seems whenever the Trudeau government needs to find savings in government – which they almost never do – they look to our armed forces.

And when it comes to a trade dispute with the United States, the government is planning to make a pathetically stupid decision to sacrifice a military purchase to play political games.

First of all, Canada desperately needs new jet fighters. The current CF-18’s are nearing the end of their flying life, and the longer we delay in getting them replaced, the more our pilots are put in danger, and the more our country is at risk of being without air cover over our vast territory.

So, we can clearly see that the government must take action now to buy new fighter jets.

Instead of acting quickly however, the Trudeau government has played it slow, making almost zero progress despite the fact that an F-35 deal was moving ahead under the previous government (who also took too long).

Trudeau threw all that progress away, forcing our country to start from scratch. He has hedged, delayed, and dithered, and we are still no closer to getting replacement planes.

The government had said they were considering buying some Super Hornets, a better version of the F-18 fighter – as a stop gap measure.

Though it would be way more costly to buy planes that way, rather than make a larger order of F-35’s and get it all done with at once, at least the Super Hornets would give us some defense and help our pilots be safer when sent up in the air.

Now, the Trudeau government appears to be putting that deal at risk, all so they can defend the reputation of Bombardier – the same company that betrayed all Canadian taxpayers by giving their failed executives massive bonuses after they begged on their knees for a giant taxpayer-funded bailout – which their servant Trudeau was only too happy to oblige.

Boeing – a US company – has accused Bombardier of “illegal dumping” saying the company is selling their planes at too low a price. They are seeking a trade ruling against Bombardier, which is a transparent move by Boeing to try and gain market share.

Now however, the Trudeau government is saying they may cancel any plan to buy Super Hornets (made by Boeing), as long as the illegal dumping case against Bombardier is ongoing.

That is a massive mistake.

While the temptation to strike back in a trade dispute is understandable, doing so in this situation would be putting our national security at risk, and putting our pilots in danger – which is not an acceptable response.

We should not be sacrificing a desperately needed purchase of new fighter jets just to defend Bombardier – who has done nothing to defend Canadian taxpayers.

Don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer the government just purchase the F-35’s, but if the choice is between no new planes, and the Super Hornets, having the new planes is better. At this point, our country needs to be replacing and upgrading tons of equipment, and apparently beggars can’t be choosers.

The fact that the Trudeau government is even considering once again delaying an essential military purchase shows their total disregard for the safety and security of Canadians.

Our military is being depleted, and is in desperate need of new equipment. The last thing any government should be doing is weakening the military further just to play political games.

But that’s what we get from the Gutless Trudeau government. They put our security last, and the interest of their elitist Bombardier buddies first.

It’s a total disgrace, and we should all be concerned by the lack of common sense shown by the Trudeau government.

The security of our citizens must always be the top priority of any government, and by being willing to sacrifice that security so easily, the government shows they don’t take their responsibilities seriously.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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