What Secrets Is Trudeau Hiding From The Ethics Commissioner?

Canadians have questions, but the Trudeau government never has answers

The controversy surrounding Justin Trudeau’s trip to a billionaire island in the Bahamas keeps growing.

As I recently reported, the island Trudeau visited was not in fact owned by the Aga Khan. As I wrote, “Now, it turns out the island – known as Bell Island – is owned by a group of shell companies that are connected to Credit Suisse – a giant bank in Switzerland.”

Additionally, “Switzerland is well known as a tax and financial haven that keeps the financial secrets of the globalist elite.”

As this information has come out, Trudeau has refused to admit how many times he has met with the Ethics Commissioner surrounding his taxpayer-funded trip.

All that Canadians have been told is that Trudeau is under investigation, and even when he was asked 23 times how and the Ethics Commissioner met, he avoided answering every single time.

Yet, despite Trudeau’s attempts to evade answering for what he has done, Canadians are still demanding the truth. The opposition has been relentless in Question Period, and have exposed the emptiness of the Liberals repeated talking points. Because of how they’re avoiding the question, you can see that the Trudeau Liberals are very scared of something.

In the video below, watch as opposition MP John Brassard asks Trudeau government Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier to explain why Trudeau was hanging out on an island connected to shady globalist tax avoidance schemes. As you can imagine, Lebouthillier did everything to avoid answering the real question:

What is the Trudeau government hiding?

Talking points are nothing new in politics. But the Trudeau government has taken things to a new extreme.

They haven’t even come close to answering the question about Trudeau and the Ethics Commissioner. Not even once.

They haven’t explained why Trudeau is so connected to an island tied to international banks and globalist tax avoidance schemes.

And they haven’t explained why Trudeau puts the interests of the global elite and big banks ahead of the Canadian people every single chance he gets.

If they had decent answers to these questions, we can bet they would have shared them by now. Which means they know the truth, and they know the truth would be unacceptable to Canadians.

We can see that they have something to hide, and Canadians deserve answers. After all, a government that refuses to answer to the Canadian people has lost the moral authority to govern our country.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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