Amid Elitist Political Hysteria, US Manufacturing Surged

The elites in Washington D.C. and the media capitals are certainly enjoying the endless stream of controversial headlines.

The Trump administration has given them endless things to talk about, and they’ve used that chance to play up their self images as “brave defenders of the truth.”

And yet, their constant hysteria over every perceived “scandal” only deepens their alienation from those who are increasingly distrustful of the establishment media.

The 2016 election showed there was a pervasive and justified anger at the total failure of the elites to create an economy where hard work would translate into success.

Instead, those with power and connections have enriched themselves, while almost everyone else fell further and further behind.

But, because the media is dominated by the elites, they only focus on what the elites care about, not the serious underlying problems in society and the economy.

As an example, how much has the media talked about the fact that industrial production in the United States increased by a full 1% in March – the biggest gain since February of 2014. Has the media talked about factory production rising in three out of four months in 2017 recorded so far? Or about how utility output increased by a massive 8.2% in March?

No, those stories haven’t received much coverage.

Of course, we know that those stories matter to millions of people. Jobs, livelihoods, and the chance for people to achieve their dreams in life are on the line. But none of that seems worth covering for most of the establishment, because the elites never have their jobs on the line. They never live in fear of running out of money, losing a job, or being forced to scramble to pay the bills.

As a result, news coverage among the establishment networks skews towards out-of-touch elite priorities, including the embarrassing scramble for “influence” among government bureaucrats and politicians.

Elitist fear of patriotism & free-market success

The elites fear nothing more than the success of patriotism and the free-market. The Trump administration has repeatedly pushed for policies that benefit their own citizens economically, while reducing regulations that infringe on the free market and kill jobs and opportunity.

The fact that those policies could succeed terrifies the establishment elites, since they have been arguing for globalism and the restriction of the free market for decades. They also fear the fact that even the promise of policies to expand economic freedom can create growth as people become more hopeful about the future.

Because of that, they will do anything to make sure nobody hears about the success of policies they disagree with, including making sure that anyone who tries to change the status quo gets buried by the ruthless elitist media machine.

However, that is getting hard to pull off.

The rise of independent media – with free-thinking people sharing their views and getting the real truth spread far and wide – is eroding the power of the establishment. In their fear, the elites are lashing out, trying to regain control of the narrative and restore their monopoly over what we are “allowed” to think.

But that’s not going to happen, because the more people realize they don’t have to listen to what the establishment is saying, the more minds will be freed to think for themselves. Then, we will get a truly realistic and balanced picture of what is happening in our world, rather than being trapped in the illusion the elites seek to impose.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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