Canadian Woman In “Very Critical Condition” After Times Square Attack

According to New York City Police, a Canadian woman is in “very critical condition” after she was hit by a car that slammed into pedestrians at Times Square.

The woman – who has not been identified by name – is said to be 38-years-old. She is one of seven people who remain in the hospital following the horrible incident.

Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old tourist from Portage, Michigan, was killed in the attack. Her 13-year-old sister was also hit by the car and injured.

Richard Rojas, a 26-year-old who claims he was high on marijuana infused with PCP (Angel Dust), smashed his car into a large crowd of people, and could be seen swerving in order to hit even more. He has been charged with felony murder.

WARNING: Graphic Video of the moment Rojas slams his car into people at Times Square

Spencer Fernando

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