PRIORITIES: Trudeau’s Foreign Billions Ignores Nunavut’s Food Insecurity

Under Justin Trudeau, the interests of Canadians are increasingly put behind the interests of foreign countries.

Despite serious problems and struggles being faced by Canadians across our country, every year more of our taxpayer money is taken from us and given away outside our borders.

As I’ve said before, taxpayer money must be spent within our country. The Canadian government exists to serve the Canadian people, not other countries.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau thinks otherwise.

By giving more and more of our money away to foreign countries, the Trudeau government is sending a message that fixable problems within Canada are less important to them than the attention they can get for giving out billions in foreign aid.

A clear example of that can be seen in the horrible food insecurity faced by Canadians living in Nunavut.

According to a report by the Conference Board of Canada, when it comes to food insecurity, Nunavut “is, by far, the most affected region, and needs remedial action.” As a result of this food insecurity, many residents can’t afford or access healthy food.

At least 25% of Nunavut residents fall into the food insecurity category. This has dramatically increased the amount of disease in the territory, and contributes to lower life-expectancy.

In one of the most egregious examples, a head of cabbage in Nunavut can cost $28, a case of ginger ale cost $82, and a week of groceries for one family cost $500.

With such problems in Canada, how can we afford to give billions overseas?

According to reports, Canada now gives over $10 billion in foreign aid, including $2.65 billion to “help other countries deal with climate change.”

Think about this for a moment:

We have people in our own country who can’t afford quality food, and are dying earlier because of that. And yet, our government is giving billions to other nations.

That is deeply immoral.

We must take care of our own first

It is unacceptable for our government to be ignoring those in our country who need help. We must take care of our own first.

Justin Trudeau enjoys chasing headlines in the foreign press. Giving foreign aid gets much more attention than fixing problems within Canada. But if Trudeau wanted to serve foreign interests, he should have just gotten a job at the UN instead of seeking to govern Canada.

Canadian citizens in Nunavut should be a priority before foreign countries, and our national interest should always come first.

Spencer Fernando