Britain Owes NOTHING To The European Union

As Britain moves closer to officially exiting the European Union, the EU is doing everything they can to extract every last bit of money before Brexit is done.

The bureaucratic and globalist-dominated EU is demanding $100 billion Euros as the price Britain must pay as they leave.

So far, Britain has strongly rejected that outrageous sum, and say they will simply walk away from negotiations if the EU continues insisting on that massive price tag.

EU holding Britain ransom

Because of their terribly arranged system, the European Union faces severe fiscal difficulties. Putting so many countries under one central bank and one currency is a recipe for crisis and collapse, and the destruction of national sovereignty across Europe is disturbing.

As a result, the EU is desperate to take as much money as they can from as many countries as they can.

They are effectively holding Britain ransom, demanding an agreement to pay the $100 billion before any talk of trade or how to deal with EU citizens can take place.

This approach demonstrates once again that the European Union is a system based on threats, coercion, and government power, and represents an impediment to true individual liberty and independence.

Britain should refuse EU demands

By voting for Brexit, the people of Britain voted for control over their borders, control over their own economy, and control over trade. They also voted to keep money in their own country, not send it to the EU. Now, the European Union is trying to reverse those choices under a big financial threat.

That’s why Britain should continue their refusal of the EU’s extreme demands. If that means no agreement is signed, so be it, Britain has the authority to declare Brexit on their own. Besides, individual countries in the EU will still want to trade with Britain, so there is no need to bow down before the oppressive EU bureaucracy.

Britain owes nothing to the European Union. If anything, the EU bureaucracy owes billions to the nations and taxpayers who they have been trying to control and dominate for so long. The EU will never pay anything, so why should Britain?

Spencer Fernando