CONFISCATE: Greek Government To Electronically Seize Financial Assets & Homes

As Greece continues to struggle under the domination of the European Union, they have enacted new measures that dramatically expand the power of the government to seize safe deposit boxes, financial assets, and even homes.

While the Greek government says the new measures are being put in place to deal with tax evasion, they have only introduced the measures under severe pressure from the European Union, who demanded the changes as a prerequisite for unlocking more bailout money.

“Mass Confiscation”

In disturbing language, the Greek Government will dramatically speed up the process for the mass confiscation of safe deposit boxes, homes, and financial assets – including securities.

The current process requires in-person meetings, while the new process will let the government confiscate electronically.

Items such as jewelry, precious stones, cash, and much more will be available for the government to seize by transferring ownership from Greek citizens to the Greek state.

Instead of mass confiscations, Greece should leave the European Union

Whenever a heavily indebted government starts talking about “mass confiscations,” it’s a huge warning sign.

The people of Greece are experiencing tremendous economic suffering, and they have completely lost their own sovereignty. The Greek government no longer governs for the Greek people. The European Union bureaucrats in Brussels run Greece, forcing policies like mass confiscation, and massive tax increases all to pay for a debt that goes directly into the pockets of bankers.

Instead of taking freedom away from their citizens, Greece must leave the European Union, regain control of their own currency, and set their own destiny. That is the only path to true independence and liberty in Greece.

Spencer Fernando