The Corrupt System Must Be Crushed

Control of the government must be returned to the Canadian people

It only takes a quick look at the way things are to see that our political and economic systems have become extremely corrupt.

Wealth and power are being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, and outside of elections every four years, citizens are often powerless to influence the direction of our government.

While our own people suffer, billions in taxpayer money is given away to foreign countries, while the influence of foreign banks and corporations grows by the day.

As a result, it’s no longer enough to make small changes or just tinker around the edges of the system. The corrupt system must be crushed, and replaced with a new way of thinking that seeks to empower the Canadian people, rather than dominate us.

Here are some ideas on how we can crush the corrupt system and return our government to the Canadian people:


Canada needs recall legislation. Politicians are too secure in their jobs, knowing they can get away with breaking their promises and then have nearly half a decade before facing voters again. Recall legislation would put power back where it belongs – in the hands of the Canadian people. Instead of Canadians living in fear of what our government will do, our government and the politicians should live in fear of the Canadian people.

Protect Canadian Ownership

Many countries refuse to allow foreign investors to takeover locally-owned businesses. They allow foreign investment, but cap it at 49% of any company – ensuring a citizen still retains majority ownership. Canada should do the same. In an era where the globalists are seeking to concentrate all wealth and power in a smaller and smaller group of companies, we must protect Canadian ownership. We must also block foreign speculators from buying up our housing market. Canada should not be up for sale to the highest foreign bidder.


Decisions are best made at the local level. Considering the communication and information technology we have at our fingertips, there is no need for a massive and bloated centralized government. Whenever possible, power must be transferred from the federal government to the provinces, from the provinces to municipalities, and from municipalities to individuals and families. While certain things – such as national defence – require some central coordination, most government functions can easily be handled at a more local level. Decentralization also means much lower taxes, because letting us keep more of our money is the best step to keeping power where it belongs.

Break The Elitist Mainstream Media

The elitist media is now a propaganda machine, pushing the globalist & elitist political line. We are also forced to pay for a state-run media network (CBC), that pushes political correctness non-stop. And, our politicians are now considering how to “help” the elitist media maintain their power. That’s why we must push back against elitist propaganda, defund the CBC, and expand our efforts using the internet and social media to spread the truth and go around the establishment. We no longer need the elitist propaganda machines, and we should never be afraid to question their legitimacy.

A Renewal Of Patriotism

The globalist elites like Justin Trudeau want to eliminate any sense of deep patriotism or national values. They seek to destroy any common Canadian identity, in order to make us feel like we are “citizens of the world.” That kind of thinking just opens us up to domination by foreign countries, foreign banks, and foreign interests, and robs us of our ability to stand up for ourselves and defend our own interests. That’s why we need to rekindle a sense of patriotism that puts our own citizens and our own country first at all times, and refuses to ever compromise on the values of individual liberty, religious freedom, and free speech.

Real Competition

While we must protect Canadian ownership, we must also ensure that there is strong competition in the market. Through bailouts and excessive regulations, the government has created monopolies in the banking and telecom industries, which has deprived consumers of choices and raised prices artificially. Real competition – by making it easier for small Canadian businesses to grow into larger businesses – will lower prices and stop powerful businesses from using government pressure to sustain unfair advantages.

End Coerced Foreign Aid

The Canadian government must serve Canadians. Coercing money from us through taxes and then sending it outside our country is unacceptable. People should be free to do what they want with their money – including giving foreign aid. But that must be a private decision, not a decision forced on us by the government.

Real Punishments For Criminal Elites

As we’ve seen when bankers or politicians break they law, they almost never go to jail. Under our current system, real punishments are only reserved for the people. That must change. We must reform our legal system, to ensure that when elites break the law they face jail time just like the rest of us would.

Massive Deregulation

While we are constantly told how “free” we are, the restrictions placed upon us through insane and excessive regulations severely restrict our freedom. A campaign of massive deregulation that eliminates much of the bureaucracy, and treats Canadians like adults, would be a huge step towards strengthening individual liberty and freedom.


If the government is our servant – not the other way around – then it follows that we should get direct votes on big decisions. Big tax increases, and big changes to our system of governance should be made through referendums, rather than just imposed on us by the politicians.

A change in mindset

The changes shown above would put power back in the hands of Canadians. Those changes would also crush the corrupt system being used by the elites to dominate our country. As a result, these ideas won’t be implemented without a shift in Canada’s mindset. A critical mass of people must demand changes, and not give up until those changes happen.

This means grassroots Canadians must do everything we can to bypass the elitist establishment media and get this message out through our own social networks. Those who benefit from the corrupt system will not give it up easily, and we must be strong and relentless to defeat them.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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