LISTEN: Discussing The Carbon Tax With Hal Anderson

This morning I was on the Hal Anderson show on 680 CJOB to discuss my recent article calling for Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister to sue Justin Trudeau over the carbon tax.

You can listen to our full interview below:


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Spencer Fernando

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Colin Henderson

Atmospheric CO2 is at 400 ppm or 0.04%. Of that 96% is natural and 4% can be attributed to mankind, 4% of 0.04% is 0.0016% . Canada contributes 1.6% of that 0.0016% “pollution” or 0.0000026%. If we do nothing the new coal fired hydro plants in Germany, Japan, Africa, India, and China etc. will drive our percent contribution even lower. Our land absorbs 20 to 30 times more CO2 than we produce – the carbon tax is a scam.

Steve Pyke

Colin, agreed. Please approach your MP for a calculated explanation. I’ve asked and continue to do so to no avail so far!