Taxpayer Privacy Breached At Revenue Canada

The government demands our information, but they often fail to protect it.

We are told often to “trust” the government, yet there are many reasons to believe that trust is sorely misplaced.

According to reports, the Canada Revenue Agency was forced to fire an employee after they illegally accessed 1,302 taxpayer accounts. Out of those accounts, 38 were accessed in detail.

The privacy breach took place before March 23, 2016 – which is the date an investigation was launched.

While it took place in the Prairie region, the government has not released the name of the employee involved, or the specific day and location of the breach.

Largest CRA privacy breach of all time

The privacy breach is the largest that has ever taken place at the CRA when the number of accounts are considered.

That said, there have been other serious “losses” of taxpayer information at the CRA, including an incident the CRA just admitted to in February 2017, where the government lost a DVD containing the information of 28,000 taxpayers in the Yukon. That amounts to 75% of the entire Yukon population, and represents a massive failure to protect the confidential data of Canadians, though the government claims the files are still “encrypted.”

CRA has a privacy problem

Last year alone, the CRA had to fire eight workers for breaching taxpayer privacy, and is regularly considered one of the top five worst government agencies at protecting our privacy.

In previous instances, a CRA worker in Ontario illegally accessed 11 accounts, and actually changed the info in two accounts, while another Ontario employee accessed 25 accounts and shared info on six outside the CRA.

The CRA has spent $10.2 million on technology that they say will better monitor employees illegally accessing taxpayer files, though time will tell whether that promise is kept.

Overtaxed, under-protected


Considering how much taxes we pay in Canada, the least we should be able to expect is that our data will be protected. And yet, it seems the government is more interested in getting our information than they are in keeping it safe.

Spencer Fernando


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