DUMB: Trudeau Government Forms “Climate Pact” With China & European Union

Yet another globalist agreement that sets impossible standards and damages our economy

One of the biggest problems we face today are globalist elites who make decisions that hurt the rest of us, while escaping any impact on themselves.

We see this in environmental policy, which is designed to win foreign praise through pathetic virtue-signalling, while crushing industries, jobs, and livelihoods back home.

So, it’s concerning to see the Trudeau government making the exceptionally dumb decision to join with the European Union and China and form a “climate pact” to push the foolish Paris Climate Agreement.

As reported by Bloomberg, “Canada’s environment minister Catherine McKenna, EU Climate and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete and China’s special envoy for climate change Xie Zhenhua are meeting Tuesday in Berlin to discuss climate leadership and how to maintain momentum if the U.S. pulls out of the Paris Agreement. In September, the three will convene a ministerial-level meeting in support of the Paris accord, Canete said in an email.”

China gets to pollute, Canada pays the price

Under the Paris Climate Agreement, China gets to keep increasing emissions all the way until 2030, while Canada must cut our emissions by a whopping 30% in that same time-frame. And while the Harper government signed up for those official targets (which was a big mistake), the Trudeau Liberals made things even worse by pushing for even more “ambitious” targets, and then committed an outrageous $2.65 billion in Canadian taxpayer money to give away to other countries.

Canada should be distancing ourselves from this dangerous agreement, which will let China, India, and many other countries continue growing their economies, while punishing our workers and taxpayers.

Of course, Justin Trudeau never misses a chance to sign our country up for a globalist deal. He won’t suffer from it, and those he’s connected to won’t suffer either. He never feels the consequences of his policies, so he just cares about the international headlines he can generate.

So, while Trudeau is soaking up the global attention, Canadians will be paying the price in lower economic growth, a higher cost of living, and increased poverty and economic struggle.

Until we defeat the globalists, things will keep getting worse, and the “climate change” fear-mongering will continue to be used as an excuse to steal our money.

Spencer Fernando

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Justin is selling our country so he can get their support for a seat at UN.

China and EU are grateful for the money but to combat climate change to suit Justin’s ego is not going to happen.

Rick Churchill

Yet another instance of Trudeau’s giving away our hard-earned money to benefit his Elitist friends in foreign countries. The Liberals that stand by him have neither honour nor shame.


how dare anyone suggest rich countries give poor countries cash to reduce carbon emissions, outrageous! invest in the future of the planet over near term profits benefiting rich folks who’ll be dead in 20 years, preposterious! Keep polluting away Canada, full steam (or coal smoke) ahead!

This article brought to you by your local coal/oil/gas conglomerates.


@SNIFFY4, which “rich” country are you talking about? Did you read the article at all? China (not an economic midget with a GDP of 23,194,411 Millions of Dollars) gets to keep polluting the way they are until 2030, while Canada (a GDP of 1,674 MIllions of dollars) has to PAY for that in terms of lost jobs etc.

I think you should reconsider your comment, and surely your liberal/globalist/elitist point of view.