ELITIST SURRENDER: BBC Host Says “Get Used To” Islamist Terrorism

We know the elitists have failed to keep our societies safe. It turns out virtue-signalling and political correctness can’t deter evil killers.

Yet, rather than take any steps to keep the citizens of the West safe – such as banning all those who leave our country to fight for ISIS and try to come back – the elites are pushing an incredibly disturbing line of thinking: They want us to get used to terrorist attacks.

You can see this thinking in the video included below. It shows British Broadcasting Corporation (The British State Media) Katty Kay, ignoring the possibility of any solutions or end to terrorist violence. Instead, she says people need to get used to it.

First instinct of the elites: Surrender us to violence and terror

The elites live behind walls and layers of security, so when they say “we need to get used to terrorism,” they aren’t talking about themselves – they’re talking about us.

It’s always the rest of us who get put in danger, and the elites are all too happy to surrender our safety if it means they can avoid tough decisions and continue to preach “diversity” and “tolerance,” even as they refuse to condemn the horribly intolerant ideology of radical Islamism.

Katty Kay’s statement shows the underlying attitude of the globalist elites. They aren’t prepared to stand up for freedom or defend our right to be secure. When the going gets tough, they’ll retreat behind their security and their walls and leave us to deal with the consequences. 

It’s no wonder that the establishment elitist media is losing more and more public trust every day. They don’t share our experiences, and they don’t have anything at risk. As a result, they will never get to the truth, and they’ll never represent us.

Spencer Fernando