Salman Abedi Identified As Manchester Terrorist, Islamic State Claims Responsibility

Suicide bomber brutally murders 22 innocent people – including children

The horrific suicide bomb terror attack in Manchester that took the lives of 22 people was perpetrated by Salman Abedi, a 23-year-old man known to British authorities.

British authorities have also arrested another man from southern Manchester in connection to the terror attack.

Islamist terror once again

To the shock of nobody – except the most politically correct fools – it is clear that Islamism is once again behind a terror attack in the West. With the elites focusing more on “Islamophobia” instead of keeping people safe, the citizens of the West are once again seeing the deadly consequences of Islamism.

Among the dead were a number of children, including an 8-year-old girl.

ISIS has called for more attacks

The attack at the Manchester arena is in line with calls by ISIS for attacks on “soft targets,” and authorities fear those attacks will continue.

Just this morning, the Manchester Mall was evacuated after fears of another attack. A man was arrested at the scene.

Salman Abedi known to authorities

According to numerous reports, Abedi was known to authorities. Disturbingly, there are said to be 3,500 suspected terrorists in the UK, and 400 ISIS fighters who have returned to the country.

This shows the pathetic weakness of our current leaders. They know of nearly 4,000 people who pose a massive threat, but they just let them stay in the country, putting innocent citizens at risk. Common sense dictates that those threats must be removed immediately, but instead our “leaders” bow down to political correctness and spend their time trying to suppress justified and rightful fears, instead of taking decisive action to stop Islamist terror.

An obvious first step is to immediately deport everyone who fought for ISIS, but until those in power wake up, their weakness continues to put all western citizens at serious risk from radical Islamism.

GRAPHIC IMAGE: Included below is one of the many horrific images from the Manchester attack. I’ve included it below because much of the elitist mainstream media refuses to show the horrendous consequences of radical Islamism, and the truth needs to get out.

Spencer Fernando