STOLEN ELECTION? Foreign Money Turned 2015 Campaign Against Conservatives: Report

A shocking new report says a flood of foreign money turned the 2015 election against the Conservatives, raising new fears of foreign influence and casting serious doubt on the legitimacy of Justin Trudeau’s 2015 “victory.”

During his time in office, we’ve seen Justin Trudeau do everything to help foreign interests at the expense of Canada. Now, a shocking report shows that foreign interests may have helped Justin Trudeau win the 2015 election by funneling tons of money into Canada to defeat the Conservatives.

Foreign Collusion Against Our Electoral Process

According to a report filed with Elections Canada and first reported by the Calgary Herald, foreign third parties colluded with each other in an effort to take down the Conservatives, and spent way above the legal limit – clear violations of the Canada Elections Act.

As the Herald notes, the Elections Act says, “a third party shall not circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, a limit set out . . . in any manner, including by splitting itself into two or more third parties for the purpose of circumventing the limit or acting in collusion with another third party so that their combined election advertising expenses exceed the limit.”

Additionally, the Act notes that only those residing in Canada, or Canadian citizens and permanent residents outside the country, can attempt to influence how Canadian citizens vote.

“Wealthy Foreigners” Manipulated 2015 Election

The report – from an organization called “Canada Decides,” says the number of third parties grew from 55 in the 2011 campaign, to a whopping 114 in 2015. In total, those groups spent more than $6 million dollars.

Many of those 114 third parties were funded by the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation is an extreme group that opposes Canadian oil, and is funded by radicals in New York State and California. According to the report, Tides gave $1.5 million (USD) to Canadian third parties in 2015 alone.

Report Says Leadnow Was “Spawned” By Foreign Money & Targeted Conservative Government

The organization called Leadnow targeted 29 Conservative ridings, and defeated the Conservatives in 25 of them. According to the Canada Decides report, Leadnow was created by foreign money – meaning foreign influence directly impacted the result of the 2015 campaign.

Duane Bratt, a political science professor at Mount Royal University, told the Calgary Herald that Canadians should be concerned about foreign influence in our election campaigns:

“The whole concept and idea of foreign influence in an election is an important issue and is something that Canadians should not tolerate,” said Bratt.

Both Conservatives & NDP Worried About Tides Foundation, But Trudeau Liberals Are Silent

Canada Decides has three directors, including University of Toronto political science student Chad Hallman, and former Conservative MP Joan Crockatt. But, Canada Decides is not the first to raise concerns about the Tides Foundation, Leadnow, and foreign influence in our election. During the 2015 campaign, numerous NDP candidates, and members of the CUPE Union said Leadnow was using “anti-democratic” tactics.

Interestingly, the Trudeau Liberals do not appear to have complained.

Foreigners Can Donate More Than Canadians

In an outrageous turn of events, foreigners can donate more than Canadians can in our own elections. Under current law, Canadians can donate a maximum of $1,550 to candidates and political parties. However, foreigners can donate an unlimited amount to third parties until six months before an election starts.

This is an absolute disgrace. We are literally letting our electoral system be sold out to powerful foreign interests. For anyone who doubted the disturbing and dangerous impact of the globalists, this report removes those doubts.

As Senator Linda Frum said in a Senate hearing, “I could take a cheque for $10 million from Saudi Arabia, from Iran, from China — I could take any amount of money from a foreign contributor so long as I, a Canadian citizen, am receiving it?”

Frum is absolutely right about the problem. As long as a foreign interest finds a Canadian organization willing to take the money, they can donate unlimited amounts.

Trudeau’s “Win” Facing Legitimacy Crisis

Many people were shocked when the Trudeau Liberals surged in the final weeks of the 2015 campaign. Many more were shocked when Trudeau “won” a majority.

Now, we find out that a massive flood of foreign money entered our country, and went to organizations devoted to defeating the Conservatives. We also find that both the NDP and Conservatives complained about this foreign money, while the Liberals appear to have been silent. And this is just what has come to light. How much more was spent behind the scenes? Where did the money go? How many other ridings did it influence? 40? 50? 100?

Because of this report, we must now consider the disturbing possibility that Justin Trudeau’s majority win was not legitimate, and would not have occurred without foreign money. We also have to consider the possibility that Trudeau’s actions in office have amounted to a form of “paying back” those who may have installed him in power.

If the 2015 election was not free and fair, our entire government and electoral system now exists under a massive cloud of doubt. This could be an immense legitimacy crisis. All decisions by the government must be looked at through a different lens, and some deeply disturbing implications are being raised.

If our elections are stolen or decided by foreign money, then we are no longer a democracy.

That’s why a massive investigation – including possible criminal charges – must be initiated immediately. And, the Trudeau government must immediately ban all foreign money from our election campaigns. If they refuse to do so, we can only imagine that they are planning to use foreign money to gain illegitimate power once again.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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Alan Skelhorne

when all this election talk started, someone said that three donators to the liberal party, which was out in the open. canadians, either didn,t understand, or just didn,t care.yes the tides was mention, also was alot of money donated by killary clinton, and last , but not least was george soros. if my memory serves me correct, in january 2016, trudeau was summoned to the office of george soros, tons of money was donated to the trudeau foundation, and after that, trudeau has been taking orders from george soros. now canadians, if you can,t see your country going down the… Read more »

Jill Ward

Well said. Have been saying this for some time but apparently it falls upon deft ears!

Kat Brinson

It certainly explains the bizzare behaviour of this liberal government. Paying millions to terrorists, welcoming immigrants who are known terrorists, while at the same time refusing refuge for true refugees, such as the white South Africans. Justin forgets he is a white male and when they are done with him, he is completely expendable. We must not allow our rights to be eroded a little at a time…we have to fight, protest, and shine the light on this corrupt government.


Don’t blame me or the 60.5% of the voters that DID NOT vote for that incompetent POS, Justanidiot Turdope! The 39.5% of the voters that did should be very ashamed of their own stupidity!


Do you know where to find a copy of this report online?

Tina May

Good article. If you email the article to yourself yourself you will get to see the e-address. See the bottom of the page where it shows sharing options: Facebook, Twitter, or email.
I dislike that I cannot copy and paste the quote of my choice which is different from their choice as to what is the most important sentence in the article.

Steve Pyke

If this reporting is in fact correct and foreign interests undermined the election process with Trudeau being aware, is this not reason enough to investigate, obtain details and act upon the facts. Does this apparent finding if proven correct give the Governor General ample ammunition to devolve parliament? Instead of talking about this, Canadians need get off their lethargic backsides and dig down to get the facts. The quicker we can find a legitimate reason to oust Trudeau, the better we as Canadians will be.

Trudy Craig

I agree, and there needs to be an investigation from outside the govenment that Trudeau and crones cant control – this has gotten out f hand

Elizabeth Moorhouse

So right, Mr.Pyke. I think the biggest problem is the Liberals scream “FAKE NEWS!” now as a defense, instead of being held accountable. It sickens me. Trudeau has clearly broken Ethics rules, has refused to answer questions, and had committees shut down in order to not have to admit guilt. These money matters have been public for some time. why is it just coming up now, and what the HELL is the opposition doing? Is he really that “SMART?” Is all this “Buffoonery” Just an act? Words come out of his mouth, but in almost three years I’ve only heard… Read more »

J. Jamieson

This should be the # 1 issue for Canada !! If Trudeau doesn’t initiate an investigation, the Conservatives certainly will not stop the pressure until one is started.


Trudeau was not ready to be PM and he never will be. He is just a spoiled, entitled rich kid who ran for office at just the right time when Harper was very unpopular. The Liberals will only be in for 4 years and then we will be rid of them and their entitled Prime Minister. Good Effing riddance.

Jim Prescott

Trudeau will not start an investigation. Now is the time to take action into our own hands. WE THE PEOPLE.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

Let’s hope this “April 2nd Idea” gets off the ground. Have you seen the Facebook posts? Every city and town hall is where we are supposed to gather on that day to declare our distrust in Trudeau! I hope it helps!! “Get rid of the Fool!” Day! Pass it on.


I think you missed saying that The Tides Foundation is Globalist/Leftist George Soros money.

Leo Brost

Kick The Scum Bags Out.

David Martin

Why weren’t contributions to the Conservative Party from ” foreign contributors ” sufficient to reelect the Conservatives?
Somebody screwed up bigly!

Scott Rutherford

we need to make this public, but how?


Through you! When your friends or strangers say to you “how come I did not hear it in the media?” be prepared to show them your findings or information you learned and researched. This is OUR COUNTRY NOT LIBERALS AND WE MUST STAND AGAINST THOSE WHO WANT TO DESTOY OUR NATION. We cannot be too complacent or we will be walked on all over.

Rick Churchill

Our election was manipulated by foreign Elites and power brokers to get Trudeau elected as our Prime Minister. Now it becomes even more evident why he is selling our future to Globalist Elites… it is payback for services rendered. This indeed makes him a Traitor.

David Martin

The bigger question is why didn’t the global elites back Stephen Harper? Or why didn’t he have enough Canadian support?

scott rutherford

The big three parties are all controlled by the globalist!

Tina May

Because the Global Elites want a Global government with them in charge, the end of Democracy, they want to be an unresponsive global government, the whole idea is to end capitalism, end entrepreneurship, end human rights, disarm the population, and freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association. Once accomplished, they can seize riches, and then have the power to commit genocide so that their children can live well with plenty of room. The Elites consider that they will save the planet from humans. If they thought their target was sellable, they would sell it. It is because… Read more »

Peter Lyon

Because David Martin, Harper did not represent what the “Global Elites” wanted running Canada, if you could not figure that out you would be better off not commenting.

Dana Larsen

Let’s be real. LeadNow spent a measly $137,000 in total on the last election. Avaaz spent less than $25,000. Greenpeace spent under $3000. The Conservatives spent $20 million in comparison. These figures show clearly that our democracy was not subverted by foreign money in the last election.

Chad Hallman

LeadNow only REPORTED $137,000 in election advertising expenses, but that was only a fraction of the cost of their campaign. Elections Canada doesn’t regulate expense reports the same way to Third Parties than it does with political parties – the definition of “advertising” is much more narrow for Third Parties. This narrow definition only takes into account ads such as newspaper ads, sponsored FB posts, etc. but doesn’t take into account staff costs, website costs, certain materials, etc. So, LeadNow reported having spent that much money on the narrow definition of “advertising”. This flawed law allows for the influence of… Read more »

David Martin

Report already filed with Elections Canada next to the file on Conservative
Election rule breaking and shortcomings of Unfair Elections Act.

Sherrie Gregoire

I suppose that Andrew Scheer should take on this inquiry asap… if he expects to beat JT in 2019. Praying here!

Rick Monette

I have been saying this from the befinning. Now we know that Justin Trudeau is a Globalist puppet and a traitor to Canada. There should absolutely be a full independant Criminal investigation from a proven unbias out of Canada organisation called. This organisation must not have ties to the United Nations or George Soros. All of those involved and responsible must be arrested and procecuted to the full extent of the law.

Mary BOorman

Everyone in government seems to have become entranced by the globalist Agenda.
The Governor General more than likely a bought and paid for puppet so no hope
going there.
THE BIGGEST SECRET – author David Icke details exactly why, how and where
we are at now.


Nice comments, but our cabal is based in Montreal
Wear a helmet to watch this video. It’s gonna blow your mind !
It’ll all make sense in an hour


All talk but no action.