Returning ISIS Fighters Must Be Permanently Banned From Canada

A common-sense way to make Canada safer

It’s a testament to how messed up our government has become that even the most common sense ideas are considered “controversial,” and are never even discussed in the halls of power.

Case in point: Banning “Canadians” who leave our country to fight for ISIS from ever returning.

It’s the most obvious of ideas. If someone joins a terrorist group devoted to slaughtering Canadians and innocent people around the world, they are clearly a massive threat to us.

Of course, once they leave, all it takes is banning them from returning and the threat is taken care of.

Yet, not only do the foolish elites fail to stop them from coming back, they actually try to keep them in the country to begin with.

Often-times, the government will stop someone from leaving a country to join ISIS, which is about the dumbest move possible.

Once someone has decided to join ISIS, they are already ideologically a part of Islamic State. Therefore, they will either seek to kill people outside Canada, or kill people inside Canada. Letting them leave means they travel to a war zone, where their own odds of being killed increase dramatically.

Keeping them here increase the odds that Canadians will be killed.

So, the obvious solution is to let them leave, and make sure they never come back.

This could be easily done. All the government has to do is declare that leaving to fight for ISIS is treason, and classify that type of treason as punishable by death or life in a maximum security detention facility with no chance of ever being released.

That would create a clear incentive never to return to Canada, and would ensure that Canadians are never put at risk from someone who leaves Canada as an ISIS recruit and returns as a ruthlessly trained terrorist.

If our elites had even a shred of common sense, or cared about our own people, they would implement such a policy immediately.

However, we’ve seen that the elites care only for how they are seen in the foreign press, and are willing to sacrifice our security to maintain their “virtuous” images. That’s why they must be removed from power, and replaced with leaders who will actually look after our citizens, and put our safety first.

Spencer Fernando