Why Is The Senate Writing A Propaganda Book For Children?

An unwise waste of taxpayer money.

Considering the numerous challenges facing our country, you would think the Senate has better things to do than waste our money creating a piece of propaganda aimed at children.

And yet, that’s exactly what the Senate is doing with “The Wise Owls.”

The Hill Times has reported that “The Wise Owls” – described as a “storybook for children,” not only wasted our money once, but twice, since Senators sent the first edition back for a re-write.

And while it’s supposed to be “educational,” it turns out to be nothing more than elitist propaganda.

Elitist propaganda

As we know, Senators are not elected by the people. They are appointed by Prime Ministers. Because of this, the Senate has become a much more elitist institution than the House of Commons. They face no electoral pressure, and they serve until old age with almost total job security. As a result, they are often – though not always – incredibly out of touch with the experience of everyday Canadians.

However, that’s not the story told in “The Wise Owls” propaganda book.

Instead, the book arrogantly explains that the “Council of Animals,” – a stand in for the House of Commons – can’t maintain order in the “Animal Forest.” So, the animals decide to create a “Parliament of Wise Owls,” to oversee the “Council of Animals.”

As you can see, the book casts the Senate as somehow superior to the elected House of Commons.

Interestingly, the “The Wise Owls,” omits the numerous financial and ethical scandals that have plagued the Senate.

An arrogant waste of money

“The Wise Owls,” is nothing but an arrogant piece of propaganda designed to obscure the reality of the Senate. And while the Senate says it’s “free,” the entire printing and distribution budget is paid for by taxpayers, making it an incredible waste of money.

If the Senate “owls” were truly “wise,” they would have grounded this foolish project before it took flight.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Senate


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