CLIMATE CULT: Trudeau Liberals Slam Oil & Gas Industry With More Regulations

Surely it’s just a “coincidence” that Western Canada will be most damaged by the new Methane rules…

Canada’s oil & gas industry is getting hit again.

This time, the Trudeau government is bringing in far more restrictive regulations on methane.

The new rules announced by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, will dramatically increase the financial burden on companies when it comes to methane from compressors, and will take effect starting in 2020.

Additional regulations on pneumatic devises will be imposed in 2023 under the Trudeau plan.

Job killing regulations give America a competitive advantage over our country

Trudeau’s new regulations were initially announced a year ago alongside former US President Barack Obama. Since then however, the US has been reducing regulations, while Trudeau has kept on going like nothing has changed.

This will give the United States a massive competitive advantage, and will kill jobs in Canada.

Of course, the damage will be worst in Western Canada, an area of the country Trudeau seems fine ignoring.

Alberta & Saskatchewan to be hit hardest

Most methane emissions in Canada come from the oil and gas sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. And despite the massive wealth and abundance that sector creates for all Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals are doing everything they can to destroy it.

It’s an absolute outrage that Trudeau bails out Bombardier while simultaneously crushing opportunity in Alberta & Saskatchewan. Rather than govern for all Canadians, Trudeau is clearly governing only for those who he thinks are essential to his re-election hopes.

Climate Cult strikes again

Despite the fact that Canada plays virtually zero role in carbon emissions – and is in fact a net absorber of carbon emissions – the Trudeau government is fully in thrall to the climate cult. As a result, Alberta & Saskatchewan will pay a big price for Trudeau’s new rules, and that damage will spread throughout our entire economy.

Canada will never achieve our full economic potential so long as Trudeau is in power. The climate cult must be defeated and replaced with common sense leadership.

Spencer Fernando


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