Globalist Trudeau Gives Billions In Foreign Aid, While 53 Reserves Lack Real Fire Protection

Justin Trudeau has brought Canada’s coerced taxpayer-funded foreign aid to record levels. By some estimates, “our” federal government now spends a whopping $10 billion a year on giveaways to foreign countries.

You would think that all of our problems here in Canada must be solved then. After all, how could we justify giving taxpayer money away outside our borders when our own people are suffering?

Of course, we know that our problems in Canada are not solved. Not even close.

Yet despite that truth, the flood of foreign aid continues, and Trudeau gives more and more of our money away every year he is in power.

Every single dollar that is sent outside our country is a dollar that can’t be used to help our own citizens. And when we’re talking about billions of dollars, the damage to our country is significant.

53 First Nations reserves lack real fire protection

With our massive foreign aid budget in mind, consider a recent report from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. They recently found that 53 First Nations reserves do not have adequate fire protection.

The Trudeau government didn’t want to release the info. It was only found through an Access to Information Request.

According to the audit, 14 reserves are “under-serviced” when it comes to fire protection, while 39 are listed as having “limited service.”

What this means is that those communities often lack fire trucks, safety measures such as smoke alarms & fire extinguishers, and have poor fire safety preparation.

The true problem is likely far worse, as the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) says there are many more than 53 communities lacking fire protection.

According to Blaine Wiggins – President of AFAC – 40 First Nations reserves in British Columbia alone lack what they need to fight fires.

Keep our money in our country

There is clearly a problem with fire protections on First Nations reserves across Canada. The solution to that problem will vary from community to community. In some cases, the money is already there, but needs to be allocated more efficiently – which is tougher to do since Trudeau foolishly gutted the FN Accountability Act.

In other cases, there are communities that will need fire trucks and other fire-fighting equipment. That’s where the billions Trudeau is giving away would come in very handy.

Remember, Trudeau recently gave over $800 million of our money to Syria, even while we have communities in our own country at risk of burning to the ground.

That is a disgrace.

We must keep our taxpayer money in our own country, and fix our problems here in Canada. Foreign aid should be left up to individuals on a private basis – it’s not the job of a federal government.

Globalists like Justin Trudeau have no loyalty to their own nations, and want to destroy the very concept of “nationality.” As a result, the first thing we must do if we want to make Canada better is make damn well certain that Justin Trudeau is defeated in 2019.

Then, we must end foreign aid and focus on our own backyard.

Spencer Fernando