As Islamist Terror Surges, Our “Leaders” Are Getting Weaker

In times of threat and crisis, strength and clarity are needed. And yet, the more dangerous our world becomes, the weaker our leaders seem to be.

The horrible Islamist terror attack in Manchester set off the same weak and ineffectual response from the political elites. They avoid saying “Islam” or even mentioning the religion of the attacker. They say that “diversity” and “love” will somehow stop the brutal killings, and they focus all their attention on attacking those brave patriotic citizens who speak up for our right to live in safety and security.

This pattern of weak behavior from our so-called “leaders” is not only continuing, but it’s actually getting worse.

The more violence there is, the more our leaders hide from the source of that violence. The more citizens demand an end to the pathetic and dangerous political correctness, the more our leaders double-down on double-speak, refusing to acknowledge the real and present danger of radical Islamist terror.

Things have become so absurd that even when some reformers in the Muslim community express serious concern over the growing threat of Islamism, our leaders ignore them and proceed to lecture about “peace” and “tolerance,” ignoring the brutal intolerance and violence being pushed by the Islamists around the world.

They even let ISIS fighters return to our country – a horrific mistake that will be brutally judged by history.

If this weren’t a life and death situation, we could laugh at the stupidity and naivety of the elites. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury, because lives are at stake.

By refusing to acknowledge the threat, our leaders are unable to defeat it. They refuse to acknowledge the disturbing spread of hate-material and hate-preaching in certain mosques. They refuse to acknowledge that “kind” words and political correctness don’t deter extremists. And they refuse to acknowledge that citizens who confront radical Islam are the true patriots and defenders of freedom that we need now more than ever.

Diverting attention

There’s something else the elites are doing in response to terrorism, and it is deeply disturbing. You’ll note that the vast majority of people who are opposed to radical Islam make clear distinctions between the threat of Islamism, and the many other faiths and groups in our country. Despite the disturbing ongoing efforts of politicians like Justin Trudeau to destroy Canadian identity – there are many people of different faiths and backgrounds who have integrated well into our country.

When Canadian patriots express concern about Islamism, those concerns are not about Canadians originally from the Philippines, India, China, Europe, or many other parts of the world. The focus is clearly on a part of the world where a brutal ideology of hate is spreading death and violence.

And yet, the elites refuse to accept this obvious distinction. They slander all Canadian patriots as “racists,” or “bigots,” and in doing so, they actually seek to spread blame from radical Islam to all immigrants. You can see the total hypocrisy of the elites by their reaction to the Philippines. At this very moment, the people of that country are literally fighting for their lives to retake a city from Islamic State. And yet, our cowardly leaders have spent more time criticizing the President of the Philippines than they have seeking to stem the ISIS tide.

Remember, this is a deliberate deception on the part of those in power. They know they can’t win an argument about whether or not we must oppose radical Islamism. So, they make the argument about “hating” or “supporting” all immigrants. This deception once gave the elites the supposed moral “high ground,” but as more and more people wake up it no longer works as it once did.

That’s why we must continue to call out this deception, and focus clearly on the problem that threatens the world: Radical Islamist Terrorism.

Weakness must be replaced with strength

Expecting our current politicians to change will get us nowhere. They have far too much riding on political correctness and the destruction of our national identity.

That’s why they must be stopped, defeated, and replaced.

We need leaders who believe in patriotism, who are willing to stand up without apology for freedom of speech, individual liberty, freedom of religion, and refuse to tolerate the violent and brutal ideology of Islamism.

Only then will we be able to replace weakness with strength and protect our way of life from being lost.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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