WATCH: Auditor General Discusses Trudeau Government Withholding Documents

What are they hiding?

As I reported on May 18, the Trudeau government has been withholding documents from Canada’s Auditor General Michael Ferguson.

Things got so bad, that Ferguson was forced to take the almost unprecedented step of appealing directly to MP’s to request information and explain that he was being denied necessary information needed to do his job.

Without the info, the Auditor General couldn’t give a report on how certain programs run by the Finance Department were being handled. As a result, it has become increasingly clear that the Trudeau government has something to hide.

As I wrote at the time, “With the Auditor General now having to fight to get the information he is legally entitled to, it’s yet further proof that Trudeau’s promise of “openness” and “transparency” was one of the biggest lies in Canadian political history.”

Now, Ferguson has appeared before a Parliamentary Committee, where he discussed what is taking place. Watch his appearance in the video below:

(Auditor General’s comments begin at 5:00 minute mark)

You can see that Ferguson is very careful in his wording – or else Trudeau would likely have him removedbut he is still clear on the fact that the Trudeau government is not giving him the access he is supposed to have.

As the Trudeau government continues to block Canadians from knowing what’s happening in our own government, we have to ask the question: What are they hiding from us?

Spencer Fernando

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This does not surprise me in the least. What I laughed at was the Liberal member getting picky and defensive. This is the mentality of this government, plain and simple.


The federal government of Trudeau has decided ahead of time not to show the analysis to anyone, specially the Auditor General, so they made it part of their recommendations. But as Christopherson says it does not work like that. The analysis can easily be extracted as a stand alone document. So what are they trying to hide?

Steve Pyke

When one sits back and really studies the federal liberals, it becomes apparent someone is advising Trudeau as these decisions and Trudeau’s complete lack of transparency, his lies, his decete and complete blindness to the wants and needs of Canada are something he does not have the sufficient knowledge, education nor skill set to manage. Who really is the puppet master here in Canada who controls the federal government. It’s high time the media or opposition get involved in unmasking who Trudeau is, what he stands for and show the country what a egomaniacal self serving SOB he really is.… Read more »


Steve Pyke – The immediate puppet master is Gerald Butts. He’s running the show. If you’re in Ontario, you know who he is. If you’re not in Ontario, be afraid, be very afraid. He’s dangerous. As Principal Secretary – the senior political adviser (the position he holds, now, with Trudeau) to Premier McGuinty, Butts destroyed Ontario with his nonsensical and incredibly expensive ‘green energy’ program. Thanks to him, we lost manufacturing due to ridiculously high hydro rates – which we still have. It’s possible that there is someone controlling Butts but, if so, it’s someone well hidden. Don’t get my… Read more »


Certainly not surprised. The level of hubris on the part of Trudeau and his cabinet is beyond belief. Seems to me Mr. Sunny ways thinks Canada is already under the thumb of the UN NWO through him. I would tell him that, NO, we’re still a sovereign nation (as far as I know) and a democracy, although our leader conducts himself as a dictator. That being the case, it’s TAXPAYER funds and we have every right to know what is being done with it in light of the fact that he has, many times over, squandered OUR money carelessly and… Read more »