Canada Must Abandon The Toxic Paris Climate Agreement

We’re being swindled by ruthless economic competitors

Despite the BS being peddled by the politicians, the Paris Climate Agreement is a horrendous deal.

It puts massive restrictions on Canada, locking us in to huge emissions reductions over the next decade and a half, while letting China and India – among the biggest emitters on Earth – expand their industrial economies at will. Our ruthless economic competitors probably can’t believe that our “leaders” agreed to it.

Meanwhile, whether the United States actually signs on or not, nobody believes the Trump Administration is going to willingly crush their own economy just to placate the globalist climate cult.

That leaves Canada, Europe, and Japan, as among the largest economies planning to “fulfill” the agreement. In fact, the globalist fools in the Trudeau government pushed for even tougher targets.

That’s a huge mistake.

Canada should get out of the Paris Climate Agreement

It’s an outrage that we are planning to kill Canadian jobs and harm our own workers, just to sign on to an agreement that won’t do a thing for the environment. As many have pointed out, Canada is a net carbon absorber, so we already do far more than our part.

And why would we want to follow the lead of Europe and Japan?

The European Union is a horribly dysfunctional economy dominated by the worst globalist bureaucrats, with a currency that only serves to boost German exports. Much of Europe is stagnant or in decline, with Greece being bled dry of the last remnants of their independence and economic strength.

Japan meanwhile is desperately fighting off deflation, and has watched their once mighty economy stagnate for over two decades.

Put Canada’s interests first

Canada should never sign any international agreement that lets other countries dictate to us. We should never give away any of our sovereignty to the UN or other corrupt globalist organizations. And we should never make any pledge that will decimate our homegrown industries and hurt our workers.

Once we get a government that has common sense, we must abandon the Paris Climate Agreement and focus on achieving massive economic growth for the benefit of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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