SEEING RED: Trudeau Government Ran $21.8 Billion Deficit

The red ink is piling up, yet our economy remains weak. So where is the money going?

We remember what Trudeau said in the 2015 campaign. Three years of “small, temporary deficits.”

And we know what we got instead: Endless red ink as far as the eye can see.

Now, a preliminary analysis shows the government ran a $21.8 billion deficit in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

Revenues were up $600 million – a 0.2% increase.

However, the real issue is out-of-control spending. Government spending went up a whopping $21.7 billion – a full 8.2% increase.

This means the government could have nearly balanced the budget just by freezing spending for one year – cuts wouldn’t even have been necessary.

Clearly, the government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

There could be some changes to the final deficit number, as the government is waiting for tax assessments that could cause a slight up or down alteration to the revenue picture. Knowing the track record of this government, expect the final total to be worse.

Where’s the benefit to Canadians?

Considering the massive increase in spending, you’re probably wondering why we aren’t seeing any benefit from all this money?

After all – unlike the deficits ran by the Conservatives – the world is not facing a massive global recession and government revenue is steady. So, there’s no excuse for all this spending, and at the very least we should expect an obvious benefit to all this red ink.

So where is it?

The truth is that beyond the manipulated employment numbers and “growth” rate, Canada’s economy is in serious trouble:

Wages are stagnant, Canadian factories are shipping off to the United States, taxes are going up, job security is evaporating, any GDP increase goes to a tiny elite, our military is being starved of funding, household debt is reaching massive levels, fear over the instability of our housing market is spreading, poverty remains a serious problem, many reserves resemble third-world nations, our Veterans are abandoned, seniors are struggling, young people are being crushed in a brutal job market, and when we account for inflation most Canadians are actually getting poorer every year.

The gap between our massive deficits and any tangible benefit to Canadians is deeply disturbing to many people in our country. And since the elitist media would rather ignore the important questions, let’s ask those questions ourselves:

  • Behind the glossy budget handouts, where is the money actually going?
  • Why is the government blocking the Auditor General from getting access to Finance Department info?
  • Why is so much money being given away to other countries?
  • Where is all this “infrastructure” we were promised?
  • Does the government actually think anyone believes their “social infrastructure” BS?
  • Why is the government letting globalist banks dominate a $35 billion taxpayer-funded “infrastructure bank?”
  • Why have foreign billionaires been given access to the top levels of our government while the Canadian people have to settle for extremely rare “town halls?”

The elitist media doesn’t want to ask those questions, because the answers would also implicate many of them: The truth is the Trudeau government isn’t working for the Canadian people. It’s working for the global elites, and the debt that Trudeau piles up on Canadians every year is a direct theft from our future with zero benefit in the present.

That’s why many Canadians will be watching tomorrow’s Conservative Leadership Vote with interest, because it is now clear that the red ink and economic betrayal of Canadians will not stop until Trudeau is out of office.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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