WEAK: Another Procurement Failure Makes Canada Vulnerable

The Canadian government has a long history of pathetic failures when it comes to military procurement.

It’s concerning to realize that people are actually paid by taxpayers despite their utter failure to keep Canada’s national defence even adequately equipped.

From the Sea King helicopter debacle, the purchase of four terrible diesel submarines from Britain, to the ongoing saga of replacing our CF-18’s, the weakness and incompetence shown by numerous Canadian governments is appalling.

And now, we have a new failure to add to the list.

Navy warship “delay”

Canada is currently without any naval destroyers. All of them were retired by the navy, without any replacements waiting.

This makes Canada extremely vulnerable. The lack of destroyers means Canada has lost much of our capability to patrol our coasts, and our air defences are significantly weakened.

And the worst part?

We won’t have destroyers until around 2025 – and even that is assuming things go to plan.

Now, it turns out that the $40 billion naval shipbuilding program could face delays.


The government had given corporate bidders the end of April as the deadline for submitting designs for three new destroyers and 12 frigates. That deadline was essential to moving the process forward, and workers could be out of jobs if any delay took place. Not to mention it will raise costs for Canadian taxpayers.

You can imagine what happened. A delay took place.

For some reason, the “deadline” was extended by two months, but who knows if that even means anything now. Nobody takes government procurement deadlines seriously anymore.

Of course, the endless delays would be funny – if our security, jobs, and taxpayer dollars weren’t at stake.

Total incompetence – Time to clean house

There is no excuse for such repeated failure. We are a vast country surrounded by water on three sides. Having a strong Canadian Navy is a must.

That’s why it’s time to clean house in the procurement office. There need to be mass firings, and a total overhaul of the procurement system. This decades-long embarrassment must come to an end.

Canadians deserve a strong national defence, and we deserve an efficient and effective means of procuring that defence. Until that happens, our government cannot be taken seriously on anything else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Cathy Smiley

We have all seen what the Conseratives and Liberals can NOT do for our Country. Canadians we need NEW Leadership for our Country.

Christopher Nash

Defence Procurement in most Western countries is riven with cost over runs and delays. Ambitious optimism is the order of the day. Defence acquisition is more about politics than Procurement. Under estimation of cost and budget is common in order to get the project into the equipment funding plan. Honesty, integrity and realism are missing. The solution, well if anyone knows please let me know.


A solution? All the jerk needs to do is show some leadership and kick some ass. REAL HARD. Call those responsible for this crap into the PMO and tell them they have 30 days to get things going. Day 31 will see a whole bunch of new faces who WILL do as they are damn well told. This said, the Trudidiot has to provide whatever support needed. The same goes for the Phoenix payroll system. 30 days to get it fixed or the entire department is fired. It has gone on for years and we hear some still haven’t been… Read more »