Andrew Scheer Wins Conservative Leadership

In a stunning comeback, Andrew Scheer has won the Conservative Leadership on the final ballot.

After trailing Maxime Bernier for every round, Scheer jumped ahead on the final round on the strength of second-place ballots from Erin O’Toole.

During the campaign, Scheer – who served as Speaker of the House in the Harper majority government – offered an approach of incremental conservatism with a positive and friendly approach.

Scheer had positioned himself as the best candidate to unite the various groups that support the Conservative Party – ensuring a cohesive and strong political machine to achieve victory.

Scheer takes over a party with strong fundraising – having raised twice as much as the Trudeau Liberals.

Defeating Trudeau

Now, full attention will be turned to defeating Justin Trudeau and his arrogant elitist agenda. The Canadian people are struggling under a government that serves foreign interests and ignores the well-being of Canadians.

With the Conservative Party uniting behind Scheer, Trudeau now faces a stiff challenge from an intelligent, likable, and determined Opposition Leader.

Canadians now have an opportunity to take our country back from the corrupt and out-of-touch Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Cooper

The right choice was made, I believe but it was, at the end, full of suspense and welcomed by many.

s borden

Can you let us know where he stands on protecting our borders and fighting the islamization of Canada???

J. Jamieson

Andrew is a patriot and has no fear ; a promoter of free speech and other important Canadian values!


Congratulations Andrew .. so pleased you are taking this job.. In the end you are the right person to take on Trudeau. You have a lot of support..Good luck.

tim pedden

Congratulations ANDREW the real sunny ways for Canadians have just gotten brighter now we have a leader that will be a honest and true PRIME MINISTER FOR ALL CANADIANS . You can count on my support to stop that traitor