ISLAMIST THREAT: Up To 23,000 Jihadis Living In Britain

3,000 seen as “immediate threat”

The threat of radical Islamist terrorism has reached a horrifying scale in Britain.

Now, authorities have revealed that there are 23,000 potential jihadis living in Britain at this very moment.

Of those 23,000, a full 3,000 are considered to pose an “immediate threat.”

The other 20,000 have been involved in previous investigations into Islamist terror.

Kick them out

As I’ve said before, the elites have been horribly negligent in their response to Islamist terror. The idea that there are 3,000 jihadis who authorities admit pose an immediate risk – yet they are still walking free – is incredibly disturbing.

We have reached the absurd point where the government seems to do more to go after those who warn about the terrorist threat, than they do to stop terrorism.

People go to jail for drug use and tax fraud, yet those actively plotting to butcher innocent people are allowed to walk free?

It’s an outrage, and a sign of how weak our so-called “leaders” and the elitist ruling class have become.

Immediate action must be taken. Those jihadis who are not citizens of Britain must be kicked out (Canada and all nations facing the threat of Islamist terror must do the same), while those jihadists who are citizens must be detained.

Strengthen Security

For those other 20,000 – who authorities say pose a “residual threat,” there needs to be a huge increase in security funding. The British government actually cut funding for some police and security services – a horrendous mistake in light of the Islamist terror threat. Funding must be brought to a level that ensures those 20,000 are being monitored, and at the first step towards any further threat they must be detained and deported – if applicable – immediately.

A “soft” approach to a deadly threat is simply unacceptable.

The same goes for Canada. We must step up security funding, and take far tougher action against those who threaten our freedom and security. And we must ban anyone who leaves to fight for ISIS from ever returning. Our citizens deserve to live with peace-of-mind, and to make that a reality the jihadist threat must be eliminated.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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