REPORT: Trump Will Pull US From Paris Climate Agreement

A good move for American workers, bad news for Canada

According to Axios, Donald Trump has told “confidants” that he will pull the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Says the report, “President Trump has privately told multiple people, including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, that he plans to leave the Paris agreement on climate change, according to three sources with direct knowledge.”

Previously, Trump had refused to join the other G7 leaders – including Justin Trudeau – in affirming “strong commitment” to the climate pact.

The White House has not confirmed the report, saying only that Trump “will make a decision this week.”

Bad news for Canadian competitiveness

As I’ve said before, Canada should abandon the toxic Paris Agreement. It’s a total scam, as it lets countries like China and India massively expand their emissions, while imposing job-killing cuts here at home.

There is no logical reason for Canada to be sacrificing our own economic opportunity just to virtue-signal on the world stage for the elites. We should be creating more opportunities for our Canadian workers, not standing in their way.

With the United States already planning tax cuts and reducing regulations, Canada is in a worsening competitive position.

Now, if the reports of Trump pulling the US from the Paris Agreement are correct, Canada’s competitive position is going to get far worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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