VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Rips Trudeau In First Speech As Conservative Leader

In his first speech as the new leader of the Canada’s Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer ripped into Justin Trudeau, making it clear he’s going to take the fight to Trudeau and restore common sense to our country.

In his speech, Scheer pledged to defend freedom of speech, confront Islamist terrorism, lower taxes, cancel the destructive carbon tax, and bring the budget back into balance.

Watch part of Scheer’s speech in the video below:

Now, the Official Opposition is focused on defeating the Trudeau Liberals, and putting a stop to the tremendous damage the government is doing to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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Elaine Teichgraber

Andrew’s speech gave me hope for Canada again. Congratulations, Andrew! Looking forward to you leading our country in a sensible, coherent, selfie-less way.

Bob Toner

Will Andrew join the fight with the USA and Trump? President Trump is activating a world plan to exterminate terrorists. Main stream media is owned by the Globalist Elites who promote and use terrorist to attack, weaken and create instability and ciaos to make it easy for them and the UN to take control of the world. Therefore main stream media purposely will not report the negatives that come from the weapons they use: like faults climate , mass immigration of Muslims, terrorists, carbon tax , carbon credits in their attack on fossil fuels, creation of mass debt and green… Read more »

Reverend michael Porteous

Excellent question! It will be the deciding factor on whom I choose to vote for!

Sandie Maldonado

Voted for this man. Today you brought hope back to my country. Hope that you will take our country back for us. Hope that you will become our next PM. Hope that our Canada will be a strong and united Canada again.

Donna Barg

Sandie Maldonado , Yes he has given us hope. Thank God it was not Maxime Bernier !


Well said Andrew! However the real test is yet to come. The media will work hard to protect Trudeau and they will make you out to be everything you are not so beware! The media is NOT our friend.

jack grandville

I most assuredly second that one — I have said over many years, but to deaf ears — “Politics is not a ‘kids game.’ Remember Caesar — never lean up against anything solid, so to speak and use your instincts when it comes to ‘associations,’ — either professional or personal.


After watching his first interview with CBC, who was trying to slam and discredit him right off, I was very pleased. Andrew stood his ground and even took ground away from the CBC. That is what Canada need in a leader. If his first interview with a hostile media is any indication, I think we will see good things to come.


I enjoy your articles. Andrew Scheer has 4 children. Did you notice his young son and daughter cheering “Andrew, Andrew …”? Whenever you have the opportunity and it fits in with what you are writing … include them in a positive manner. Why? Because I can’t tell you the number of female friends I have that don’t really follow politics closely, but the day Harper took his son to his first day in school and shook his hand … they disliked Harper immensely and would never vote for him … all they saw was a ‘cold heartless man’ … they… Read more »

jack grandville

Oh, yeah — so correct.


What about the Islamification of Canada and the illegal immigrant crisis which are joined at the hip! How about scrapping M103 completely and making sharia an illegal practice in this country. These immigrants have more rights and priviledges than people born and raised here and that seems extremely illegal and unconstitutional to me …especially since their beliefs are being rammed down our throats!