Canadian Patriots vs Globalist Elites

The fight that will define the future of our nation

In March, I wrote about the need for a Canadian Patriotic Movement.

And in the wake of a new Conservative leader being chosen, now is the perfect time to revisit that idea.

To begin with, Justin Trudeau’s government must be defeated. In his first speech as Opposition Leader, Andrew Scheer set forth a vision that would be a huge step in the right direction. He spoke about freedom of speech, ending the carbon tax, confronting Islamism, balancing the budget, cutting taxes, and trusting the people instead of the government.

Canada needs Andrew Scheer to replace Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. That’s the first step towards ensuring that patriotism defeats the globalism being pushed by Justin Trudeau.

As essential as that is however, one electoral victory won’t be enough. A strong and enduring Canadian Patriotic Movement must be built for the long-term:

“Building a new movement is imperative, not just for one election win, but for long-term change. The previous government achieved political power, but so much of what they did was swept away by Trudeau in mere months. That is the consequence of tinkering around the edges, and not engaging a mass movement. Governments come and go, movements have staying power.”

While the new Conservative leader is certainly worthy of support, putting total faith in a political party is not the strongest way to bring lasting change. Political parties respond to incentives, and so long as the globalists are winning the messaging war in Canada, any Conservative government will be limited in how much they can truly empower the Canadian people.

So, while working to make sure Scheer defeats Trudeau, we also need to make sure the ideas of Patriotism defeat Globalism.

That’s why we must continue to build strong alternative networks that are outside both the party system and the mainstream media. A networked movement of Canadian Patriots pressuring politicians and ensuring they never stray from serving the Canadian people is essential to undoing the globalist damage.

The forces of the status-quo remain powerful, and they will do everything they can to defeat Andrew Scheer and keep Trudeau in power. And if Scheer becomes Prime Minister, those same forces will do everything they can to block him at every turn.

They are counting on us being complacent, hoping that we will allow the corrupt establishment media to define the terms of debate, and tell us what we are “allowed” to think. They are counting on us limiting our participation to one vote on one day, hoping we’ll just go away afterwards.

But as I wrote in March, “the millions of Canadians who have checked out of politics entirely are also a massive pool of potential support. A strong, nationalist, patriotic message has not been heard by many people in Canada in a very long time, and it would bring many people back into the political process, and many more into it for the first time.”

Defeating the globalist agenda

The globalist agenda is about robbing our country of our wealth, stripping our sovereignty and handing it to global institutions, while destroying our national identity.

Only by having the courage to identify this agenda, explain it, and push back against it can we ensure that Canada remains strong and free.

Many Canadians are still not aware of the dangers of globalism, and have been told for so long that we should hide or downplay our Patriotism.

That’s why it’s up to us to spread the word, and make certain that the underlying fight for Canada’s culture is won. By doing that, we will help ensure that the next election is just the beginning of reclaiming our country from those who are betraying us.

Spencer Fernando

Read my original post on Building a Canadian Patriotic Movement

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s borden

Please sign me up Spencer, you are a light in very dark times.

jack grandville

Spencer, although every time I comment on your writings I congratulate you for your efforts and your skills at presenting political reality as it is. I now am regaining my pride in being a ‘hard headed’ Canadian, loyal to the end. With our present government, notwithstanding the governments I have lived through, that pride faded on a continuing basis since the mid-sixties when I first entered into that arena and tried my best to warn Canadians about what I could see coming along. Suffice to say that our ‘good living’ which we were not only blessed with, but embraced to… Read more »


Very well said Jack..when this corrupt liberal gov. took over, it was like being hit by a semi.. The changes in our country in the last 11/2 yrs. was like a nightmare. It didn’t feel like this was my country, to the point where I didn’t even want to fly our Canadian flag. Now I feel hope and I thank Spenser for his truthful editorials . I post pretty well every articl on Facebook to spread his word. Watching TV news is so bias and corrupt. Do they not realize the damage they are doing??

jack grandville

I would respectfully suggest, sir, that in fact they precisely the damage they are doing, whether that question was for either the media, or the government. But today live on what I refer to as the “two ‘H’s’ philosophy’ — that being “Hope, and Humour,” without which, in my opinion, are fundamental ingredients to survive.


I have never voted conservative
on any fronts…However its time for a government for Canadians and he has the right stuff

John Brooks

I hate to say it, but this is a pipe dream. Words are cheap. And I take it you haven’t been in schools where respect, honour, and ethics are not being taught. That is where things need to change, but how can you with single or helicopter parents?

No, we have passed the point of no return. Look for a leader that everyone thinks will be our saving grace. Only to find him part of the elites.

Start stocking up is the only solution.


Today’s parents are as naive as their kids. People don’t mature as quickly as they used to and more often than not, don’t mature at all. ACADEMIA has been spitting out generation after generation of mindless idiots. Academia has been overtaken by the UN moneyed elites who’s goal is a One World Order. 95% of professors are far left and indoctrinate our youth to Marxist socialist idealism and is rampant in universities and colleges. It’s a bloody shame what academia is doing to our youth. While many youth are intolerable, it’s not their fault. The moneyed elite running the finances… Read more »

Brenda Olson

I believe we have a strong leader in Andrew, but the general public know next to nothing about all the stuff Trudeau has done to this country, they don’t realize it is a jihadist invasion, I think the public thinks we are helping people from war torn countries, there are few of those but there many , many more brought here it divide us .How do we let Canadians know what is happening, if they only get their news on mainstream news?

jack grandville

After all-too-many years ‘dancing in that ballroom,’ so to speak, I simply do not have a ready answer to your important question. However (and I say this from my own experience) try to get them to start following Spencer and his articles. That would be the quickest and most reliable way that I can think of. How to get them to at least start to read his articles, is another question. To the extent that I can I have taken the liberty to forward to some that I know, an article by Spencer and hope they at least are open… Read more »