Justin Trudeau Is The Real Extremist

Almost immediately after Andrew Scheer won the leadership of the Conservative Party, the Trudeau Liberals and their media stooges have been pushing their usual propaganda narrative.

They’ve said Andrew Scheer is “extreme” and they intend to portray him – and thus all who support him – as holding positions far outside the views of most Canadians.

This was expected, and it must be confronted.

Of course, we know the truth: It’s obvious that Andrew Scheer’s views are shared by Canadians. He has said clearly that “divisive” issues won’t be re-opened. He has said MP’s are free to speak their minds. He has said budgets should be balanced. He has said taxes should be lowered. And he has stood up for freedom of speech. Those are all things Canadians agree with. You can see that despite the best efforts of the elitist propaganda machine, Andrew Scheer’s views are not extreme.

However, it is not enough simply to confront the lies of the elites. The elitist strategy is to keep anyone challenging the status quo on the defensive, always answering accusations and attempting to “moderate” themselves by taking the positions endorsed by the elites.

So, by simply saying “Andrew Scheer is not extreme,” and leaving it at that, the elites are still winning.

That’s why it’s essential to go much further, and expose the real truth: Justin Trudeau is the real extremist.

Justin Trudeau is the most globalist leader Canada has ever had. His list of actions while in office show an extreme pattern:

  • He has openly talked about Canada having no national identity, and has said Canada should be a post-national state.
  • He has set up a dangerous “infrastructure bank” that gives massive foreign banks the chance to make big profits off Canadians, while sticking our taxpayers with all the losses and all the risk.
  • He has given preferential access to foreign billionaires – letting himself be lobbied in secret.
  • He vacationed on an island owned by a secretive and shady group of global banks – once used in global tax evasion schemes. He now faces an ethics investigation into the trip, and has repeatedly lied and hidden the truth about it.
  • He has given away billions more in taxpayer money, while ignoring Canadians who need help.
  • He refused to speak English to a woman who asked him a question – “because he was in Quebec.” He faced an investigation into his actions.
  • He said Bombardier getting hundreds of millions in taxpayer bailouts, and then giving their employees massive bonuses was a “free market decision.”
  • He let a company closely linked to China’s Communist Party buy the biggest assisted-living provider in British Columbia.
  • He bragged about his family using their connections to get out of charges for using pot, while punishing thousands of Canadians for the exact same thing.
  • He promised to “help the middle class,” while his policies instead have led to wage stagnation for Canadians – while the big banks make record profits.
  • He called himself a “feminist,” then sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia – possibly the most anti-women regime on earth.
  • He is considering sending Canadian troops on a “peacekeeping” mission in a brutal war-zone in Africa – after cutting military funding.
  • He let a Chinese company buy a Canadian firm that has sensitive military technology – against the advice of Canadian National Defence and Security experts.
  • And after promising three years of “small deficits,” he has racked up a massive amount of red ink, all while presiding over a weak economy.

Those are all extreme actions, and are far outside the Canadian mainstream. And yet, the media elites never call Trudeau an extremist.

That’s why we must bypass the elitist establishment media filter entirely, and get the truth directly to Canadians.

The case needs to be made over and over and over again that Trudeau’s globalism is extreme, anti-Canadian, and harmful to our country. Every time he takes another action that benefits foreign interests at the expense of Canadians, we must make sure we tell as many people as possible.

Dishonest propaganda from the elites is going to emerge at a rapid pace – and it will only get worse the closer we get to an election. “Centrist” Trudeau vs the “extreme” Scheer is how the elites want to frame the election.

We cannot accept that frame.

We must push back with the truth:

Justin Trudeau is the real extremist.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Its enough to put the feminist in the same league as the idiots in France. Two Trudeaus is way to much for a real english canadian.


The battle against the MSM IS ON!
Folks, let’s FILL social media with EVERYTHING we can come up with no matter how small it may seem.
The more followers you have on Twitter, the less chance you have of seeing all that you receive. The same goes for those who follow you. They may only catch 1% of what you put out. So, lets REsend important (Trudeau) tweets frequently to assure the most eyes will see it.

Rick Churchill

After the Liberals’ having done everything they can to sell out our country, we are now set for another round of “let’s blame all of the country’s ills on the Conservatives.” Of course the mainstream media, with our very own Billion-dollar Baby, the CBC, leading the assault will suck up to the Liberals yet again in the hopes of any table scraps left in the public trough. The pledge of the Conservatives to cut CBC spending and make the media more accountable for printing the truth would have nothing to do with their prejudice, would it?

Roland Dubois

hey english what about all those idiots in England? pathetic.

Martin Scorcesse

Hey frenchie how about all those Montrealers who like to pour their $hit into the St. Lawerence to share with their brothers and sisters in New Brunswick, St. Pierre and Miquelon. Proud of that are you? But no pipelines ’cause they are dirty…ffs.


Some readers will pick up a book at a store the book cover looks pretty enticing and the ‘few’ lines you read is enough to buy the book costing in the $30-40 range. You take the pretty looking book home start to read to find out that it all about mush and garbage nothing in it appeals to you. Well, Justin trudeau is like that, all pretty in the outside to entice you to vote for him and when he is gov turns out he is absolutely nothing but mush. “How in world could I be so stupid” one would… Read more »

Horst Fergel

It’s all nonsense.

John Gerber

Amen, totally agree. Canada WAKE UP!!!