VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Shreds Trudeau’s Failed Economic Agenda

In his first question period as Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer wasted no time holding the Trudeau government accountable for their failed economic policies.

Scheer pointed out that Trudeau is making it harder to save for retirement, “nickle and diming” Canadians – which is making everything from “textbooks to bus passes” more expensive, and hurting young Canadians by increasing payroll taxes.

While Trudeau is still in Europe, Finance Minister Bill Morneau & Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan repeated numerous obvious lies as they attempted to counter Scheer’s questions.

In the video below, watch as Scheer shreds Trudeau’s economic failures:

Scheer is off to a great start, as he also took Trudeau to task for abandoning the anti-ISIS air mission. Scheer is showing the strong support for Canadian taxpayers and Canadian values that has been entirely missing from Trudeau’s failed time in office.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Smith

Sheer is a Shredder! My goodness! I didn’t know very much about him going into the leadership race; but now I am impressed. Question periods like those are already enough to sway the interested and the intelligent. I believe te Conservative party has finally found someone to unite us for victory!

jack grandville

Ditto, sir — all the way.

Terry Black

This 9 out of 10 Canadians’ is a recitation the Liberal Ministers’ and MP’s keep saying in their “So Called”, answers during question period – is not a fact that has been checked by them! – It is rather, a recitation that they use for any of their so called policies and Legislation – nothing but a dodge that every Liberal in the House of Commons stand up and parrots’ as a Non-Answer!