CORRUPT: Trudeau Arrogantly Dismisses Opposition To Dangerous Infrastructure Bank

Despite mounting criticism, Trudeau is ramming legislation through Parliament

Ignoring rapidly growing concerns about the corrupt and dangerous infrastructure bank, the Trudeau government is arrogantly refusing to make any changes to the legislation.

The more Canadians are hearing about the $35 billion bank, the more people are against it.

With massive global banks and wealth funds standing to profit from tolls and fees being charged to taxpayers – while we get saddled with all the losses – people are asking serious questions about why we need foreign banks to fund infrastructure in our own country.

Now, fears have been raised about the possibility of corrupting political influence over the infrastructure bank – by somebody who knows Liberal corruption very well.

As reported by the Globe and Mail, Francois Beaudoin – former head of the Business Development Bank of Canada – says the bank is vulnerable to “political interference.”

Beaudoin once fought with Jean Chretien over the “Shawinigate” corruption controversy, and says the supposedly “independent” infrastructure bank has far weaker protections than the Bank of Canada or Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

Said Beaudoin, “My conclusion is the governance of the CIB as it stands is not acceptable and we should have learned from past experience. This is essential to provide a new CEO with the room to manoeuvre if ever – and I’m not saying it’s going to happen – if ever there is political interference.”

Beaudoin is being careful with his words – as former bureaucrats usually are. But even the fact that he is speaking out points to serious concerns about what Trudeau is really up to with the bank.

A dangerous risk

The infrastructure bank is a dangerous risk, with the potential for corruption on a scale we have never seen before in this country.

Given his current ethics problems – many of them already involving globalist elites tied to international banks – does anyone really believe Justin Trudeau won’t try to use the infrastructure bank to enrich himself and his elitist buddies?

Beaudoin knows what he’s talking about here. He was head of the BDC when former Prime Minister Jean Chretien tried to get the bank to support a businessman from Chretien’s riding. Many even said Chretien stood to personally benefit from the deal. After the Shawinigate fight, Beaudoin was dismissed as head of the BDC in an example of obvious political interference. He later won a wrongful dismissal suit against the government.

Imagine that kind of political corruption on a national – and even international – scale. Imagine the damage to Canada as Trudeau manipulates tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to benefit global banks – all while putting Canadian taxpayers on the hook for potentially massive losses.

It’s a disturbing thought, and it’s made more disturbing by the refusal of the Trudeau government to listen to any criticism or accept any amendments to the infrastructure bank legislation. And even worse, while Canadians got two hours to review and debate the legislation in the House of Commons, Trudeau gave BlackRock – the biggest wealth fund on the globe – months of privileged behind-the-scenes access to the legislation. Trudeau even let BlackRock have a say in how the legislation was written and presented.

It is now clear that the government is in many ways the enemy of the Canadian people, acting against our interests, ignoring our concerns, and selling us out to the highest bidder. 2019 can’t come fast enough.

Spencer Fernando


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