The Elites Are Destroying Free Speech In Canada

It is becoming clear beyond any doubt that Canada’s elites are actively working to destroy freedom of speech in our country.

Our “hate speech” laws already put free speech on a weak foundation, since government authorities have a clever pretext to continually expand the definition of “hate” to include anything idea that threatens the power of the state or the worldview of the elites.

Now, the elites’ battle against free speech is escalating to a massive level.

Those few freethinkers who remain within the establishment media machine are being picked off one by one – in an obvious attempt replace them with weak-minded fools who spout the establishment party line.

The tools being used to eliminate independent thinking are the ideas of “political correctness” and “cultural appropriation.” It’s spreading throughout our culture, and the elites couldn’t be more happy about it.

As employment lawyer Howard Levitt writes in the Financial Post, “The campus spirit of shouting down and silencing any opinion you disagree with has spread to the media and non-profit groups.”

Levitt points out that the recent surge in firings within the media are far beyond the norm. He notes that it’s fair for media organizations to hire people based on a shared vision, “But it is another matter to discipline or fire writers, editors or think-tank directors for merely expressing politically incorrect opinions or, even more worrying, for standing up for free speech and open debate, as we’ve seen recently at Write magazine, the CBC and the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.”

As I reported in mid May, CBC fired Steven Ladurantaye for a single tweet supporting a satirical “cultural appropriation” contest. As I wrote at the time, “The CBC is expanding in power and reach. As much of the private media falls to shreds, the CBC with their combination of billions in taxpayers money and advertising is gobbling up reporters and writers from across the country. As they continue going down the path of insane political correctness and identity politics, they are creating a monopoly on what is considered “allowable opinion.”‘

Levitt makes the important point that Ladurantaye didn’t break any rules, or do any damage to CBC. And yet, “The CBC announcing that it would require Ladurantaye to undergo “training as to unconscious bias” and to “reach out to indigenous and other communities as part of his learning process” instead reveals shades of Maoist China.”

Additionally, Levitt notes the “resignation” of Hal Niedzviecki from Write magazine, Andrew Potter being fired from McGill, and Jonathan Kay leaving the Walrus.

In his capacity as an employment lawyer, Levitt even encourages Ladurantaye to file for wrongful dismissal, and thinks the others mentioned above could consider that as well. And disturbingly, the purging of “thought criminals” from CBC, McGill, and Write magazine are all taking place at taxpayer-funded institutions. This means we are paying the government to silence us.

Levitt has pointed out the expansion of anti-free speech efforts. “Political correctness” and “cultural appropriation” are the latest talking points being used to suppress dissent.

It’s no coincidence that suppressing dissent gives more power to the government and cultural elites. So why are they fighting to destroy free speech?

The reason is simple: People are waking up.

The lies we’ve been told about our society and economy are no longer working. With the vast majority of us facing stagnation, the elites are desperate to hide the fact that the system benefits them at our expense. Their dominance of the narrative is declining as social networks give each of us the power to bypass the establishment media and get the truth directly to the people. As they feel their power slipping away, the elites are desperate to turn the tide and take away our freedom by expanding the realm of “unacceptable speech,” and firing those who don’t submit to the thought police.

Unfortunately, there are many “useful idiots” who go along with the politically-correct talking points, and actually believe that suppressing free speech is somehow good for our future. They don’t realize they are being used by the elites to entrench the power of a corrupt establishment by destroying our ability to question and fight against the system.

That’s why we must continue to wake people up by sharing the truth. We must be as tough and ruthless in defending free speech as the elites are in trying to destroy it.

This is a fight for the future of Canada, and only one side can win.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sandra Solomon an ex-muslim saw the ‘light’ to live in the light and be free in the light. She and many like her whether ex muslim or still a muslim but do not follow the radicalism extremism of ISLAM see the light to explain the dark side of it. Unfortunately for Canadian reporters who work in the dark cant envision the true light far less see the light to report the truth without being afraid of their own dark shadow. Thereby making themselves available to those and to help those who want to harm dismantle our nation. Little do hose… Read more »

Darlene Smith

Trudeau is the most despicable Pm ever to run Canada. He has sold Canada out to political correctness. Opening all Canada boarders and allowing refugees to flood through our doors without screening people. This has never been heard of. Immigrants came to Canada legally and went through the proper screening and paper work. Pass M-103 was the biggest violation to Canadians. This man has stripped Canadians of their morals, principals and core values this country once stood for and aloud a culture of people to dictate to our government and change the values that Canadians held so. dear. He has… Read more »


Justin is globe trotting around the world buying their votes with our money for a seat in the UN.

jack grandville

I have no idea, Spencer, how you do it, but without your comments I have the feeling that Canada would simply implode. Your style is admirable, your points are made in order and correctly, with no bias showing. Your ability with the English language is more than good, it is superb. Having said all of that and likely may well repeat that, or something very similar, I look forward to your posts daily and, as thins are (have been) deteriorating with this government in power, it must be obvious to even the most loyal Liberal that something is beginning to… Read more »


Sign the petition against shariah law in CANADA. This is a Parliament of Canada petition (same used for m103, petition e 411 had almost 70,000 signautures) to amend the Constitution Act of 1982 under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System. Please forward it to others, share and post anywhere you can. AND Motion 103 new group: New organization, Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms, goes national in its efforts to hold the M-103 “Study Committee” to account. Their… Read more »


I would rather listening to people who have experienced Sharia Law than I would any politician who have no frigging idea what it means and does to us and to women especially. Women are the ones sharia law affects the most. When Sandra Solomon and others like her who have fled from these: sharia law; M103 and many similar rules to tell us the horrors they went through is to believe every word they say.

Canada has been in a downward spin due to some very greedy pig like or leech politicians as the mall rat malroni who signed Canada away just like Turner said you sold out Canada. Now the H of C is just a leech sistern.