WATCH: Bergen Rips Trudeau’s Refusal To Answer Questions

Justin Trudeau has been the least accountable Prime Minister in many decades. While there has been an increase in the use of talking points going on for years, Trudeau has taken things to an absurd level.

From his refusal to answer the same question over and over and over again, to his avoidance of question period, his blocking of information, and his repeated lies to Canadians, Trudeau’s promise of “accountability” has been revealed as a massive deception.

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to Trudeau’s treachery, and the opposition is fighting back. In the video below, watch as Opposition House Leader Candice Bergen rips Trudeau’s refusal to answer questions:

You can clearly see the arrogance of the Liberal response to Bergen’s questions. Trudeau and his government think they are the masters of the Canadian people, forgetting that the government is supposed to serve the people, not rule over them.

This fundamental misunderstanding by Trudeau and his fellow corrupt elites must be corrected in the next election, and a clear message must be sent to all who would seek to use government to deceive and dominate Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Look behind that thing that answers for the leeching liberals a bunch of unaccomplisheds idiots well except stupid garneau and that was luck. The evil trudoe is the same as his useless oldman. The labelles hate canadians you idiots who voted such a vile egotistical prince justy oh he wont get in again stories are spreading like greased lightning his rein will end.


I hear that Trudeau /Chaggar come with memorized answers. So they have some 4 answers and they rotate the answers regardless of the question. We conclude that Trudeau/Chaggar are unable to have a discussion on any topics. They are displaying some mental disorder that should be brought to a higher level for resolution. They probably need some psychiatric assessments. Will we let those mentally incapacitated run our country?