Trudeau Says “Multiculturalism” Is Answer To Terrorism

Justin Trudeau’s naive attitude puts Canadians at risk

Selfie-king Justin Trudeau has openly admitted he wants Canada to be a “post-national state,” which is among the most disturbing things every said by a Canadian “leader.”

Trudeau has refused to acknowledge the real threat of radical Islamism, finding every possible way to avoid discussing the real problem.

After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Trudeau said it was because of “someone who felt excluded.” He has refused to accept that the civilized world is facing an enemy determined to destroy our freedom and take our lives.

Despite the mounting death toll of jihadist slaughter, Trudeau continues to live in a fantasy world where a few nice words can make the bad people go away.

In response to the recent horrific attack on Egyptian Coptic Christians carried out by radical Islamists, Trudeau had this response“As recent events show, violent extremists often target those most vulnerable. As members of the international community, we must continue to stand against those responsible for these acts of terrorism and counter hate by promoting the values of diversity, inclusion and peace.”

In another statement, Trudeau said, “By demonstrating compassion and an equal opportunity for success, we are not only providing an opportunity for them and their loved ones but also building a better Canada, a stronger Canada, a Canada that is more prosperous. The Canadian public is proud to be part of a country that respects and protects multiculturalism as a fundamental and constitutive value.”

Notice that Trudeau doesn’t mention the ideology behind terrorism – radical Islam. Those statements are pathetic in their weakness. Those committed to brutally murdering innocent people won’t be swayed by a speech on “inclusion” and “multiculturalism.” In his effort to be politically correct, Trudeau shows a refusal to acknowledge a violent and hateful ideology, the majority of whom’s victims are in the Muslim world.

Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away

Justin Trudeau’s naive attitude is putting Canadians at serious risk. Ignoring radical Islamism won’t make it go away. Europe’s been trying that for a decade and the result is growing carnage – most recently in the horrendous Manchester bombing.

The real solution is strong Canadian Patriotism and pride in our country.

Patriotism and national pride provides the motivation needed to protect Canada from attack. It also provides clarity to those seeking to join the Canadian family. When we are clear about what we stand for – freedom and liberty are non-negotiable – people can know right away whether or not Canada is for them, and we can ensure we are welcoming people on our own terms.

A country that is empty of meaning is a country that is unwilling to defend itself – as we can see in the weakness and cowardice of our elites. And a country governed by weak elites is susceptible to extremism, violence, and disintegration.

That’s why – if we want to protect our freedom and security – we must defeat politicians like Justin Trudeau who offer nothing but empty words. We must have the courage to stand up and truly defend our country and our values before they are lost.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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