DECEPTION: Melanie Joly Caught In Obvious Lie

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly – known for her badly failed attempt to defend Motion M-103 –  has been caught in a big lie about Madeleine Meilleur – Justin Trudeau’s pick for Official Languages Commissioner.

In the House of Commons, Joly said Meilleur never talked about the Official Languages position when she met with Gerald Butts and Katie Telford.

“What I can confirm is that Mrs. Meilleur had no discussion regarding the official languages commissioner position with Gerry Butts and Katie Telford.”

There’s a problem with Joly’s comment. Meilleur – a former Minister in the Kathleen Wynne government – has admitted that she talked to Trudeau’s top advisors about it.

As reported by the Canadian Press, here’s what Meilleur told a Parliamentary Committee in May:

“I spoke to Gerald Butts, who I know well because he worked for Mr. McGuinty in Toronto and I knew him. So I expressed (my interest) … I was told there was a process and that I had to go through that process, which I did.”

Meilleur also admitted to speaking to Katie Telford about it:

“I had a coffee with Katie. I asked her if I could serve Canadians … I just told her I would like to continue to serve.”

Joly has been caught in an obvious lie, demonstrating once again the contempt the Trudeau government has for any sort of accountability to the Canadian people.

Joly’s deception is the latest in an ongoing pattern from the Trudeau government, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Opposition trying to block appointment

The Languages Commissioner is supposed to be a non-partisan person. Clearly, Meilleur doesn’t fit the bill considering her time in the Wynne government. Trudeau is trying to put someone he can control politically into the role, another example of his government attempting to concentrate more and more power in their hands. That’s why both the Conservatives and NDP are doing the right thing by opposing Meilleur’s nomination, and they were both outraged by Joly’s lie.

Why do we even have a Languages Commissioner?

Beyond the latest Liberal lie, there’s something creepy about there being a federal “languages commissioner” in the first place. It’s a position best handled at the provincial level or municipal level. Canada has far too many centralized bureaucracies that meddle in our lives. And as we can see in the Liberals shady attempt to appoint Meilleur, centralized bureaucracies are tempting targets for power hungry politicians to push their political ideology upon the country.

More decentralization would mean less corruption, and would put an end to the kind of damaging and dishonest actions we’re seeing from the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Thank you for your enlightenment to CANADIAN NEWS!

jack grandville

Spencer, I know that you are well aware that intentional deception, as with lying, are not, to the Liberal’s beliefs ‘lying,’ but just telling the ‘truth from a different perspective.’ That is the Liberal mantra and no one can change it and no Liberal is capable of recognizing that the ‘change in perspective,’ is actually a lie. To their credit, that is how they survive because they have mastered the art of ‘double speak,’ so aptly put forth by George Orwell in his book. And now we are where we are because all too many people either did not read… Read more »

General P. Malaise

yeah me too …me too … I want to steal, I mean serve Canadians too.