INTOLERANT: State-Run CBC Attacks Scheer’s Christianity

The elites love to play the “tolerance” game. They believe they are so “enlightened” and “open.”

And yet, when it comes to the most widely practiced faith in Canada – Christianity – the elites exhibit massive levels of intolerance & hypocrisy.

Case in point: A recent article by the state-run propaganda machine known as the CBC.

In a piece dripping with elitist arrogance and condescension, CBC writer Neil Macdonald told Canadians that religious beliefs have to remain “in a place of worship, with the door closed.”

Then, he went after Andrew Scheer for being a Christian, and he did it with a big lie:

Macdonald pointed out that years ago, Scheer defended a Bishop who was hauled in front of a Human Rights Commission. Said Scheer, “To think that a Catholic bishop must answer to a civil authority over matters of faith is abominable. It is abhorrent to me, to other Catholics and to every member of every faith community.”

Macdonald then lied – falsely claiming that Scheer had called a bill decriminalizing same-sex marriage “abhorrent,” when he was in fact referring to the Bishop being forced to answer to a human rights commission as “abhorrent.” That’s a huge difference, and CBC was forced to issue a correction.

Macdonald then simply decided to make up Scheer’s position, saying “I and a bunch of other people like me think homosexuality is an abomination, but because we meet in church, you have to respect that view.”

Except, that’s not at all what Scheer said. Macdonald just made it up.

This is incredibly pathetic on the part of CBC. First, they were caught lying about what Scheer said. Then, they just make up the position they want to attack him on, and then attack him on it.

CBC is just ignoring the fact that Scheer has said he won’t be reopening the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion – The same as Stephen Harper.

Of course, Trudeau needs to be able to cast Scheer as a dangerous extremist, so CBC is sent to trot out the lies and push his propaganda.

Where is CBC’s criticism of radical Islamism?

CBC’s arrogant and out-of-touch attack on Scheer’s Christian faith is all the more appalling when we observe their total lack of criticism of Islam. Nobody expects CBC to spend a bunch of time attacking various religions, but if they’re going to criticize mainstream Christians, how can they justify ignoring the horribly oppressive views of radical Islamists?

Why doesn’t CBC ever look into – or criticize – the religious views of other members of the House of Commons?

Does CBC just think Christianity should be criticized?

Does CBC think asking tough questions of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, and other MP’s is out of bounds but attacking someone for being Christian is somehow acceptable?

And if so, why should any Christian – or any Canadian for that matter – be forced to pay for CBC through our tax dollars?

This double-standard would be bad enough coming from a private company – but at least in that case people would be choosing whether or not to support it. But when it comes from a state-run broadcaster, it’s incredibly disturbing.

Social-engineering propaganda

The government should be kept out of our lives to the greatest extent possible. People should be free to make their own choices without politicians, elites, or bureaucrats imposing coercive force upon them. That’s what makes CBC’s appalling religious double-standard so disturbing. It’s about more than bias, it’s about social engineering.

CBC is actively working to suppress discussion of radical Islamism, while making Christianity seem like a danger to Canada. They are trying to change the mindset and political views of our nation, in an attempt to “remodel” our minds in accordance with their elitist ideology.

They are ignoring the two truly “extreme” ideologies of our time – Globalism & Islamism – while trying to slander a mainstream Canadian man as a threat.

It’s appalling.

And worst of all, we are being forced to pay for our own manipulation.

This goes to show that – at the very minimum – the CBC must have their funding slashed dramatically, they must stop competing with private media, and they must be decentralized and focused on local communities.

A free society cannot accept a massive taxpayer funded propaganda machine being used to push pro big government lies.

Grassroots Canadians must push back

Every year Trudeau remains in power, the CBC gets bigger and bigger. It is now a media empire, raking in money from coerced taxpayer donations and private ads. It is using this money to bleed the private media dry of talent, concentrating more and more propaganda power in the hands of a state-run, politician-controlled institution.

While there are some good reporters there, and some truth that slips through once in a while, the organization itself has now fallen so far from it’s original purpose that it now does far more harm than good.

With the attacks on Scheer, it is obvious the CBC is going all in on the pro-Trudeau, anti-Scheer propaganda. They would have done the same – if not worse – to Maxime Bernier, who promised a massive shake up of the status-quo. Anyone who challenges the CBC’s globalist & statist agenda will be attacked.

That’s why grassroots Canadians have to counter the intolerance, the lies, and the bias of the CBC. We must push back when they spread false propaganda, and we must get the truth out ourselves at every opportunity. That’s how we can begin to turn the tide against those who seek to dominate and control the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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That’s what’s so infuriating about the CDC – conservatives are forced to fund an organization that so clearly hates us. I cannot believe how many people who I thought knew better voted for the Trudeau Liberals purely on the CBC-sponsored mantra ‘it’s time for a change’. Now they’re angry with the Liberals for the staggering debt that will get steadily worse, for their immigration policies and their lavish overseas aid expenditures so Trudeau can get kudos with the UN. It’s a Pyrrhic victory for me to say ‘well, you wanted change”.


I still could give Harper a big boot in the rear for not scrapping that bloody organization when he had the opportunity — the CBC should have been dismantled a long, long time ago … now it’s becoming more than a nuisance — it’s becoming a danger to democracy. It needs to be “gone”!

Ben Eby

You are so right Len….Stephen Harper really missed the boat here. The CBC truly is a threat to democracy and if Canadians continue to accept its existence they do so at their own peril. The despicable and unbearable Peter Mansbridge lives an elitist lifestyle, yet seems to want normal Canadians to wallow in the depths of a Godless society and socialized despair. This man is the embodiment of all that is manifest in formation of the phrase….socially ignorant.

Clarke Hudson

I avoid The CBC with a passion.


Agreed. No government support for CTV. they seem to be able to stay afloat. Why can’t the CBC. Of course then the Liberals lose their favorite propaganda machine….Sigh..Poor Canada


Neil Macdonald, you are an Anti-Christian bigot with a passion. This is not the first time you spread your lies against Christians and Christianity through the CBC which has become a fake news outlet and a threat to democracy. The CBC is, unfortunately, nothing but a propaganda machine serving the liberal government who share your bigotry.

Randy Karst

Neil Macdonald is one of the worst of the many biased “fake news” correspondents in the CBC.
I agree CBC would have had the negative news reports rolling quicker if Maxime Bernier had won the leadership race as the CBC expected. Those clips were already in-the-can I’m sure. Unfortunately, they had to make up some negativity for an attack on Mr. Scheer quickly without careful research and are now paying the price. Sloppy media.
End the taxpayer funding of this liberal propaganda crown corporation that fronts as a news agency.

Ana Gomes

Let’s laugh with Trump, but find the courage to drain the Canadian Swamp. Now.
The opportunity may be gone soon.
Canada is going to be the 1st NON COUNTRY!!! AREN’T YOU GLAD YOU VOTED FOR A TURD ?


CBC resembles a chinese state media company. They are so biaised and they are government leeches. Who needs their fake news. Many years ago CBC was much more involved in community news and canadians liked it. Politics should be off the grid for CBC since they are subsidized heavily by us the canadian taxpayers. CBC should be reminded every day of their mandate which has been distorted over the years. Political debate should belong to private media only.

It’s true. It’s wrong to short circuit legitimate thoughtful debate with personal attacks, name calling and exaggerations. To villianize the other is easy and makes us feel superior. Plus we dodge having to actually seek to understand, or even agree to disagree.

I’ve done it. Neil Macdonald has done it. And this article does it in spades. Seems pretty hypocritical to me, given the topic at hand.


cbc and any other media global tv is not much better fake news too they all need JESUS


The CBC has become nothing but a socialist propaganda tool. First order of business under a new regime should be to close the CBC down immediately, and sell off its assets to recoup some of the billions paid out by the Canadian taxpayers. If Harper made one mistake it was not selling off the CBC when he had the chance.

Evelyn Oliphant

YES!! We need to get rid of the CBC!!!