Keep Our Canadian National Anthem The Same

Recent reports are casting doubt on whether a bill that proposes changes to O Canada’s lyrics will actually go through.

While some seem to think that would be a bad thing, I think it would be great if the bill was stopped and our anthem kept the same.

Proposed by Liberal MP Mauril Belanger before he died, the bill would change “In all thy sons command,” to “In all of us command.” Many have criticized the wording, and a Forum Research poll shows a majority of Canadians want the anthem kept the same.

It makes sense that people don’t like the proposed change. “In all of us command” makes no grammatical sense, and represents the overturning of a Canadian tradition based upon political correctness.

Now, Conservative Senator Don Plett is proposing a change to the anthem lyrics – returning it to “thou dost in us command.” It’s an improvement over the Liberal changes, as it returns the anthem to the original wording of 1908.

Said Plett, “If we are to allow this legislation to pass, we would be doing a great disservice to our nation. A nation’s national anthem is not meant to be edited and revised periodically, but rather, it is meant to stand the test of time and to allow us to remember where we came from.”

While Plett’s move will be unlikely to actually change the wording to “thou dost in us command,” it will likely return the anthem to what we are all used to: “In all they sons command.”

The reason is that Plett’s changes to the Liberal anthem bill would require an amendment. To oppose that amendment, the sponsor of the bill would have to stand in opposition to it. Since the sponsor – Mauril Belanger – is dead, the House would have to unanimously agree on a new sponsor. But with many Conservatives against the anthem changes, it’s almost certain the bill will be killed.

As I said at the outset, that would be a good thing.

Canadians are used to our national anthem. There was no broad national demand to change it, and the proposed wording pushed by the Liberals quite frankly sounds terrible.

O Canada is great as it is. It should be kept the same.

Spencer Fernando


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