STOP Justin Trudeau’s BEER TAX

The failing Trudeau government is looking for every possible way to steal money from our pockets, so they’re going to raise the price of beer, wine, and spirits – EVERY YEAR.

Justin Trudeau is desperate for revenue. With his economic plan failing miserably, massive deficits piling up, and more Canadians seeing through his lies, Trudeau is looking for money everywhere he can get it.

Of course, he won’t cut any spending. He wants as much money and power concentrated in the hands of the bureaucratic state. So, his “only” option is to increase taxes.

Now, John Ivison has pointed out in the National Post that not only is Trudeau’s 2017 budget increasing beer taxes by 2%, but the taxes on beer, wine, and spirits will be increasing every single year going forward – tied to the rate of inflation.

As Ivison writes, “The budget implementation bill, currently at committee in the House of Commons, contains an escalator provision that will increase taxes in perpetuity, without the need for the finance minister to table those increases in Parliament.”

Adds Ivison, “From the government’s perspective, it’s pretty sweet — you take a one-time reputational hit but reap the rewards forever. The Finance Department anticipates it will take in an additional $470 million in excise duties over the next five years, thanks to the two per cent escalator.”

Ominously, it appears the government is planning to do the same with other services as well in coming years – meaning we’re going to be paying a lot more but getting nothing extra in return.

This is called an “escalator tax,” meaning it goes up and up and up without end.

Guess who was the last to bring in an escalating federal excise tax? Pierre Trudeau

Justin is following in his daddy’s statist footsteps, as Pierre was the last federal politician to bring in an escalating excise tax. And just like his father before him, his policies will do serious economic damage.

As Ivison points out, “Given this is an industry that supports 163,000 full-time equivalent jobs, it would have been prudent to look closely at the impact of tying excise duties to an escalator that takes no account of regional or sectoral circumstances.”

Another serious issue with Trudeau’s beer tax is that wages are growing more slowly than inflation. This means Canadians are getting poorer in real terms. So, the beer tax will cause Canadians to fall even further behind, reducing our spending power and increasing poverty.

How about the government cuts their own spending

Instead of ripping more money out of our pockets, how about the government actually cuts their own spending for once? We’re already way overtaxed as it is, and bringing in a beer tax that goes up every year is a total slap in the face to Canadians.

It’s pure arrogance and elitism – since all the politicians get their food and drink (including alcohol) – covered by us taxpayers. The elites won’t notice the beer tax, but the rest of us sure will.

Senate could still stop Trudeau’s Beer Tax

The Senate could still stop the Beer Tax, and Ivison points out that many Senators are wanting the chance to rebel against the government. We the Canadian people need to speak out against Trudeau’s cash-grab before it’s too late.

This is about more than just the Beer Tax. There’s also the underlying principle that taxes should not go up year after year without us having any input over that decision. We need to make a clear stand now so future government’s get the message loud and clear: Canadians won’t just roll over and let the government tread all over us.

Below are links to contact the Government Representative in the Senate, and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. Let’s get as many emails to them as we can and show that Canadians demand they block Trudeau’s Beer Tax. Help spread the word on social media and by email as well. Tell as many people as you can about Trudeau’s Beer Tax and help build a movement to take it down.



Let’s show Trudeau and the elites who they really work for.

Spencer Fernando



The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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