FAIL: Canada’s Warship Replacements 240% Over Budget

More government incompetence

The state gets away with things the private sector never could. If a purchase went 240% over budget, there would be mass firings and a complete re-think of operations.

Yet at the government level, going way over budget seems to be the norm.

It has been reported by the Canadian Press that the budget for 15 new replacement ships has increased from $26 billion (the original price tag), to a whopping $62 billion.

The new figure was compiled by the Parliamentary Budget Office – which Trudeau is trying to gut.

Of course, we taxpayers will be on the hook for the entire cost overrun.

Clean house in the procurement office

The history of Canadian Military procurement has been an almost unmitigated disaster. Almost every project is delayed by half a decade, goes way over budget, and the final project is often far worse than promised.

Canada needs new ships, and stopping the project now would put our country at risk. But going forward, we can’t accept that taxpayers are forced to pay for the constant failure of the government to keep projects within the promised budget.

There needs to be a housecleaning at the procurement office. We need to get some of Canada’s toughest business leaders to show the government how to actually negotiate and stay within set budgets. Otherwise, the failure and incompetence will continue.

Spencer Fernando

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