INCOMPETENT: Trudeau Government “Confused” About Boeing Negotiations

As the Trudeau government bends over backwards to do the bidding of Bombardier, it appears they aren’t actually sure whether they are still buying Super Hornet fighters from Boeing.

As reported by the Financial Post, the Trudeau government said two different things within just a few minutes, showing total incompetence and confusion on a massive and consequential procurement project:

Steven MacKinnon, parliamentary secretary to Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote, told reporters that Boeing “is not acting like a valued partner right now so we’ve suspended discussions with that partner.”

Minutes later, Foote spokeswoman Annie Trepanier said that while government ministers were not talking to the company, “there is no formal suspension.”


This is an embarrassing level of incompetence – even by the standards of the Trudeau government – and it shows that their zeal to do the bidding of Bombardier is interfering with the best interests of the country.

Why is the Trudeau government doing Bombardier’s job for them?

Bombardier and Boeing are locked in a corporate battle with US regulators. Boeing has accused Bombardier of “illegal dumping,” by selling their planes for a very low price.

Obviously, Boeing is trying to gain a competitive advantage, and this is not unusual. It’s the consequence of big government on both sides of the border – powerful regulators make companies seek competitive advantage politically rather than through becoming more efficient.

But the perils of big government aside, it is absurd that the Trudeau government is putting the needs of our military behind a political game to defend the reputation of Bombardier. Bombardier has a PR division, they have media people, and they certainly have lobbyists. Opposing Boeing’s request is a job for Bombardier, not the Trudeau government.

Meanwhile, it’s the job of the government to ensure that we have a strong national defence, and that means replacing our aging fighter jets as soon as possible. It is the height of irresponsibility and it is deeply dangerous for the Trudeau government to do anything else.

Spencer Fernando

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