OUT: Trump Withdraws America From Paris Climate Accord

Leaves door open to re-negotiating terms of the agreement

US President Donald Trump says the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and immediately cease implementing all provisions of the accord.

Trump has also halted all payments to the United Nations “climate change” fund.

While announcing the withdrawal from the agreement, Trump signaled a willingness to negotiate better terms for the United States to re-enter the deal, or negotiate a new deal.

North America gets screwed, while China, India, Russia, and others get to keep producing

The Paris Climate Accord is skewed heavily against North America. Under the agreement, both Canada and the United States would have to make massive emissions cuts – devastating to our economies – it let China, India, Russia, Iran, and many other countries continue polluting massively.

The Accord would hurt workers in North America, while transferring our money to other countries. Some studies had shown that millions of American jobs could have been lost if the accord was fully implemented.

Canada now at a massive competitive disadvantage

With Trump pulling the United States out of the deal, Canada is left at a huge competitive disadvantage. When combined with our rising taxes, rising regulations, and expanding carbon tax, Canadian consumers, Canadian workers, and Canadian businesses are going to be severely damaged in competition with the United States.

The Trudeau government is determined to continue pushing the Paris Accord, meaning we are letting this foolish globalist scheme punish our workers and damage our economic future.

Today’s announcement by the United States is a good day for American workers, and a bad day for global bureaucrats and elitist politicians.

It also shows a clear contrast with the Trudeau government – which is putting international headlines ahead of the well-being of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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Exactly what l figured our pm dances with elitists cared less of real canadians than his slamy coin or island retreat.Where is Canada going besides down this leading from a serpents lair pm.

Alan Skelhorne

things will not change under trudeau, he wants that seat on the un, and he will do anything to get it. he is anti-canadian, he has already proven that, if people don,t believe it, its time to stand up to be canadian, or let it slip away, so trudeau can make this an islamic country.


Not sure how Canada will ever get a conservative government again. The Left cities and Left millennials love the green scam religion. It satisfies their narcissism. Sure reminds me of the Dark Ages where deniers were burned at the stake, which is where Trudeau is taking us. We will be poor. It’s only right in his mind…….having the US next door could help wake Canadians up but we as Canadians have been brainwashed for so long that we are superiour to Americans. So, poverty will be self righteous poverty.