VIDEO: Melanie Joly Lies In House Of Commons

Trouble with the truth.

As was reported yesterday, Melanie Joly has been caught lying about Madeleine Meilleur, the Trudeau government pick for Official Languages Commissioner.

While the Languages Commissioner is supposed to be non-partisan, Meilleur is a former Minister in the Kathleen Wynne government. In fact, some of her former staff members now work for Melanie Joly.

It’s clearly a massive conflict of interest, and the Opposition isn’t letting Joly and the Trudeau government get away with more lies.

In the video below, watch as Joly resorts to deception instead of giving real answers in the House of Commons.

Opposition should continue fighting appointment

As I previously said about Meilleur, “Trudeau is trying to put someone he can control politically into the role, another example of his government attempting to concentrate more and more power in their hands. That’s why both the Conservatives and NDP are doing the right thing by opposing Meilleur’s nomination, and they were both outraged by Joly’s lie.”

Clearly, Joly and the Trudeau government are trying to distract from their effort to put a partisan person into a non-partisan position. And as always, their favorite tool of distraction is lying and showing contempt for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando