COWARD: Trudeau Criticizes America, Stays Silent While China Detains Canadians

A real leader is supposed to put their country and citizens first. Once again, Trudeau has failed miserably.

One of the most disturbing parts of Justin Trudeau’s time in power is his obvious love for authoritarian & oppressive regimes.

His fawning eulogy for Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro was mocked around the world, and his expression of “admiration” for China’s “Basic Dictatorship” is one of the strangest remarks made by anyone in Canadian history.

We’ve also seen that Justin Trudeau is devoted to pushing the globalist agenda, and seeks to quell any expression of nationalism or patriotism – instead pushing for a “post-national” global ideology.

All of that explains the tremendous hypocrisy we’ve seen in the past few days:

While the Trudeau government is criticizing our ally the United States for leaving the foolish Paris Climate Accord, there has been no public criticism of the fact that China is currently detaining two Canadian citizens, and has been refusing to let them leave China and return to Canada.

One of them – John Chang – has been held in a prison for over a year. His wife Allison Lu has been let out of jail, but China took her passport away and won’t let her leave the country.

Their “crime?” The Chinese state accuses them of not paying enough duties on wine shipments.

That’s the kind of thing an authoritarian government says when they want an excuse to throw people in jail.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Amy Chang – the daughter of the two Canadians being held – has been trying to get a meeting with Justin Trudeau in an effort to secure their release. Both Andrew Scheer & Tom Mulcair have pushed for Trudeau to do more to secure their release.

Said Scheer, “John Chang, who is in failing health, and Allison Lu, have been detained in China for 15 months. They are Canadian citizens who require help from their government, and the Chinese community in Canada is very concerned.”

“It is a dispute over the value of a bottle of wine and they get thrown into jail. Come on, Mr. Trudeau has to intervene. It doesn’t make any sense at all,” said Mulcair.

Disgracefully, Trudeau has refused to say whether he will meet with Chang.

We are clearly living in an upside-down world when the “leader” of our country feels comfortable criticizing a democratic ally – our closest ally – yet refuses to criticize an authoritarian regime that is violating the freedom of two Canadians.

People are pointing out that China’s disgraceful treatment of two Canadian citizens raises huge concerns about Trudeau’s push for “free trade” with the communist Chinese state.

As Mulcair said, “Mr. Trudeau explains all the time why we should be more open with China, that we can do business there … but you know what? It is still a dictatorship and it doesn’t have the rule of law. You can be put in jail if somebody disagrees with your evaluation of a bottle of wine. That is bonkers.”

I don’t often agree with Mulcair, but he is absolutely correct on this one. We can see Trudeau is showing a level of gutless cowardice that is truly disgraceful, and certainly disqualifies him from being our Prime Minister.

It also seems that the Canada China Business Council exhibited pathetic cowardice as well. MP Gerry Ritz tried to get them to help with efforts to free the Chang’s, but they apparently refused to do anything. Instead the CCBC executive director Sarah Kutulakos put out a statement that said in part, “I wouldn’t say that the case should sour Canadian companies on selling to China, but it is a good reminder that following Chinese laws and regulations, to the letter of the law, is important.”


A Coward in the PMO

By attacking the United States while ignoring China, Trudeau shows total cowardice. He knows the United States is a democratic country based upon the rule of law, so he gets to put on a show of being tough without any risk.

But standing up to China – an authoritarian state where the party controls all – that would require some real toughness. And it would also require him exposing the fact that his pathetic bowing down to China hasn’t actually gotten anything for Canada. China still feels just fine detaining our citizens and disrespecting our nation.

Once again, history shows that cowardice and weakness is never rewarded. Justin Trudeau has once again shown himself to be a failure and a disgrace to Canada.

Spencer Fernando 


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