CLIMATE CON: China Expanding Coal Use By More Than Canada’s Entire Power Capacity

As the hysterical overreaction to the decision of the United States to leave the Paris Accord continues, many global elites are now holding up China as the savior of the “climate” agenda.

Because China has said all the “right” things (according to the prevailing political correctness of the elites), about the Paris Accord, some people assume those words actually mean something.

However, a closer look shows that China is pulling of a clever climate con, one that the elites are either falling for, or purposely buying into.

China says they are “sticking with” the Paris Accord, which is not surprising considering the accord lets them keep polluting at will, while it asked the United States and Canada to make economically damaging cutbacks.

As I recently said, the Paris Accord isn’t about the climate at all, it’s about redistributing wealth on a global scale. And the fact that some are holding up China as the new “leader” on climate change exposes just how empty the Paris Accord truly is.

Massive coal power expansion in China

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, China’s “five year plan” begun in 2016 envisions an increase of coal power usage from 900 gigawatts to 1,100 gigawatts by the year 2020. As the Wall Street pointed out, that’s “more than the total power capacity of Canada.”

Think about this for a moment: Under the Paris Climate Accord, Canada is asked to cut back our emissions, while China gets to expand their coal power by more than all the power we use in our country.

It is total insanity, and the fact that our “leaders” are going along with it is an absolute disgrace.

Additionally, Reuters has reported China is building about a dozen coal power plants in Pakistan – at a cost of $15 billion. Funny how the elites rarely mention that.

Of course, I’m not criticizing Pakistan for wanting coal power plants. They are a country mired in poverty, and they need more energy. Coal is a cheap and effective solution for generating power.

That said, it’s absurd that the foolish elites actually think they can pass off China as a “leader” just because they say a few nice words about the deceptive Paris Accord, while they expand coal power and build coal plants in other countries.

Waking up to the truth

Outside the elitist establishment media, Canadians are waking up to the truth. The globalist agenda is based upon spreading the same propaganda message across the world, to make sure everyone is thinking the same thing. Actions are secondary to following “the party line,” and refusing to think independently.

That’s why China is rewarded for sticking to the script, while America is criticized for seeing past the climate con and acting in the best interests of their citizens.

As more Canadians see what’s really happening, we can see why we need a new government – one that actually looks after what’s best for Canada, rather than what’s best for the globalist elites.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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