TERROR IN LONDON: “Throats Slashed,” Pedestrians Mowed Down

Metropolitan Police confirm multiple “terrorist incidents.”

Yet again, terrorists have struck in London, leaving “more than one person dead.”

While police haven’t said it, it’s clearly an Islamist terror attack.

Metropolitan Police releasing the following tweets:

As reported by Reuters, a witness gave a horrific account of one of the attacks:

“A van came from London Bridge itself, went between the traffic light system and rammed it towards the steps.” said a taxi driver. “It knocked loads of people down. Then three men got out with long blades, 12 inches long and went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people at random.”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been briefed on the attack, as has US President Donald Trump. Trump shared the following thought on Twitter:

ISIS reportedly celebrating

There are reports that ISIS is celebrating the attacks online. The attack fits with the pattern of previous Islamist terror attacks against civilians, where vehicles are used as weapons against “soft targets.”

VIDEO: Armed police respond to London terror in #BoroughMarket

WATCH: London Police arrest possible suspect:

Reports of three or four armed men slashing throats

Some reports from the attack are horrific. One witness said a group of three of four men walked into a restaurant and started slashing people’s throats with “long knives.”

Another report says two attackers with canisters on their belt were shot dead.

A total “leadership” failure

Already, the same cycle of “thoughts with the victims,” “this won’t change us,” “love beats hate,” and “move on as normal,” has begun.

The “leaders” of the West have shown horrible weakness in the face of terror. It was just reported that there are over 3,000 known jihadis in the UK, and another 20,000 who have come up in Islamist terror investigations. And yet, those 3,000 are still walking around. That is a horrific leadership failure. Here in Canada, our government lets known ISIS fighters return to our country, rather than kicking them out or imprisoning them.

Without stronger leaders who are willing to truly confront Islamist terror, the danger will continue to rise.

Spencer Fernando