WATCH: Scheer Exposes Trudeau’s Corrupt Infrastructure Bank

Trudeau is betraying hard-working Canadians for the benefit of the well-connected elites.

The Trudeau government is moving ahead with the Canada Infrastructure Bank, despite growing opposition and mounting concerns over the bank’s true purpose.

While the government is trying to sell it as a way to fund infrastructure in our country, the truth is far more disturbing.

The infrastructure bank puts $35 billion of taxpayers money into a fund that can be dominated by international banks. Not only will the banks have tremendous influence over the fund, but all the risk of any projects that fail will be put on Canadian taxpayers.

This means the big globalist banks get all the rewards, while the Canadian people get all the risk. And while the Trudeau government has tried to deny this, government documents have exposed the truth. Now, the opposition his fighting against the dangerous and corrupt bank.

In the video below, watch as Scheer rips the Trudeau government for asking Canadian taxpayers “to co-sign loans for the richest 1%.”

Scheer is bringing attention to something all Canadians need to be aware of. Trudeau is using our government and our tax dollars to enrich his powerful friends around the globe. It’s yet another betrayal of our country from a dishonest, corrupt, and disloyal government.

Spencer Fernando

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