Canadian Armed Forces Day: Fund Our Troops & Build Up The Military

On Canadian Armed Forces Day, we honour those who have served our country and fight to keep Canada strong and free.

And yet, while there are many nice words spoken on this day, it’s not enough to just repeat the same words year after year, because without actions those words are empty.

For years our military has been systematically underfunded, our Veterans have been abandoned, and our country has been put at increasing risk as our defences crumbled.

To truly honour our troops and the sacrifices that have been made throughout our history, we must ensure that those who serve are taken care of, and make certain our nation is secure.

That means funding our troops – both those who serve and those who used to serve. The men and women of our armed forces deserve the best equipment, and the best planes, ships, guns, tanks, and all the other things they need to get the job done. Anything less is unacceptable, because it would mean sending them into harms way without equipping them to the best possible extent – and that would be deeply immoral.

And when it comes to our Veterans, the government must stop the endless lies and fake promises. The lifetime pension must be restored, and financial support for Veterans must be increased. We should also look at other measures – particularly for those who served in combat zones. Considering the fact that we owe the very existence of our country to those who risk their lives on our behalf, I think it would make sense to give combat Veterans lifelong exemptions from paying taxes.

Secure our country

We know that the world is getting more dangerous. And just hoping for the best is not an acceptable strategy. History shows that weakness invites challenge, and our combination of a large landmass, small population, and massive natural resources make us a tempting target.

Some may think our country would never be at existential risk, but that’s exactly what numerous civilizations and nations thought just before they were wiped out or conquered.

Those who lost their lives in service to our country did so in order to secure the future of Canada. We cannot let that future be destroyed simply because we are unwilling to build up our armed forces.

We need a bigger military, with more of everything. That may cost $10-$20 billion more per year, but that is a small price to pay for protecting our country, and taking our defence into our own hands rather than being dependent on others.

Actions are more important than words

All Canadians should take some time today to reflect on the sacrifices of those who served our nation. And after that reflection, we must realize that Canadian Armed Forces Day is about much more than words. It must inspire us to action to stand up for our Veterans, give our troops what they need, and ensure that Canada remains safe and secure in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando