SECURE OUR NATION: Canada Must Get Tough On Islamist Extremism

Across our country, people are reacting to the news that a Canadian citizen was killed in the horrific terror attack in London.

The attack occurred less than two weeks after the horrific slaughter of over 20 people – many of them children – at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

The pace of terror attacks continues to increase in both Europe, and around the world. The Philippines is currently fighting to retake an entire city from ISIS-linked terrorists.

Here at home, a growing number of Canadians are rightfully worried that the rising tide of terror will hit our country in the near future.

And yet, the Trudeau government appears to be ignoring, and purposely downplaying the threat.

In his statement about the London Attack, Trudeau didn’t even mention the ideology of the terrorists – despite countless media reports making it clear it was an Islamist terrorist attack.

Trudeau refuses to even say “Islamist terrorism,” a clear example of how political correctness and cowardice are often indistinguishable.

You can’t solve a problem if you can’t even identify it

The ideology of radical Islamism is a clear threat to the entire civilized world – including Canada. If our government refuses to acknowledge that, the problem cannot be dealt with.

Unfortunately, we can see that Justin Trudeau puts political correctness ahead of doing what is necessary to keep Canada safe.

While the previous government made it possible to revoke the citizenship of dual-citizens who are convicted of terrorism (a common sense idea), Trudeau reversed that – and even openly admitted that he thinks convicted terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship.

The government has also refused to block people who go abroad to fight for ISIS from returning to our country. We have the absurd situation where the government knows people are travelling to Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other warzones and killing people in the name of ISIS, and then just lets them back into our country instead of banning them or locking them up immediately.

It’s absurd, disgraceful, and it puts Canadians at risk.

Weak and naive government must wake up

Getting tough on Islamist terrorism is essential to securing our way of life. To start with, we need to ban returning ISIS fighters. We need to secure our borders. And we need to confront the sources of funding and recruiting for Islamist extremism. We know that Saudi Arabia provides massive amounts of money that funds extremist Wahhabi teachings in mosques around the world – including in Canada. That funding must be blocked from entering our country, and those spreading terrorism must be dealt with.

And yet, rather than confront Saudi Arabia or the many others who spread radical Islamist terrorism, Trudeau has shown more concern for fighting “Islamophobia,” than anything else.

That is a total failure of leadership.

Us common sense Canadians know better. We know the truth: We must not let political correctness or the naive desire to pretend everything is fine prevent us from seeing the dangerous reality confronting us.

Lives are at stake, and we must get tough on Islamist terrorism if we are to keep the Canadian people safe.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Canadian media stand with Justin and terrorists.

Thanks to us Canadians who see through the ‘forces of evil’ to stand against evil. against the media, Justin and terrorists.

Thanks to President Trump for standing tall against terrorists and terrorism.

Rik Stolar

There is no “radical Islam…” There is just Islam. The dualism of Islamic doctrine and ideology is such that there is no way out and any peaceful aspects of the religious side of Islam are totally abrogated by the later Medina revelations of Mohammed. This is Islam. They have worked this way for 1400 years and there will be no stopping (unless force ably stopped) until the whole world is under Sharia Law. Terror will escalate. This is a smoke screen for all the other social conditioning methods used to bring people to Sharia compliance. Time to wake up and… Read more »

jack grandville

Just a couple of comments on this one. One is that you say: “…the Trudeau government appears to be ignoring it.” They do not, in my view, ‘appear to be ignoring it,” rather, “…..they are INTENTIONALLY ignoring it. There can, at this moment, be no logical argument on that, in my view. And the other comment: “You can’t solve a problem if you can’t identify it,” would be better stated: “You can’t solve a problem as long as you refuse to admit that you recognize it.” In any event, regardless of all the ‘side arguments and discussions that can and… Read more »